I shared with you last time, how to use Viral Content Buzz (#VCBuzz is now called Viral Content Bee)    to increase social media shares and increase traffic.  Apart from sharing and getting traffic to your website, what are the reasons for using this social sharing plat form?  
The two main advantages are: increase in social media shares and increase in website traffic. There are several advantages that come to you as a website or blog owner when you have a high number of social media shares as well as high traffic.  We are going to see how ‘’high’’ we can go as a result of social interaction using

1.       Provide a reliable source for social media content.
Material available on VCB is verified before posted. People follow you on twitter or Facebook because they believe you can offer them something. An advantage of using viral content buzz is that it gives you a free source of quality content to share to you visitors on any topic. 

2.       An Opportunity to get Viral
VCB generate social buzz on your content, which results in the number of people seeing your post.  If your post is very interesting, many will share and retweets thus reaching a large number of audience.  No one actually knows which post is very interesting. You can only notice many people like your post, when you see the number of people engage in your content.  
VCB still confirms the fact that content is king. This is why only quality articles are welcome on the plat form.  If you feel your article is unique or entertaining then it is time to get in and draw some eye balls on your content.
3.       Using VCB Saves time
This is an important aspect when it comes to suing viral content Buzz.  You can save many hours when you become a member.
In my twitter formula,  I do the following per day;
-Tweet from others blogs,
 -Tweet from my blog,
-Retweet from followers and those I follow,
- Interact with at least ten other users.

 I use to search some key words on Google on Bing from which I can find blogs to share their content to my twitter followers. Doing this was time consuming as I will have to wait for the pages to load as well as open too many tabs. But with Viral content Buzz, I can find many topics for myself and my followers
With this free social promotion plat form, I can share rich and valuable content to my audience on Facebook and Twitter within the shortest possible time.
4.        Another  opportunity to meet Like-minded People
Following or adding profiles of people who share the same idea with you is very important when it comes to building your social media audience.
Another interesting aspect of this plat form is that, it has narrowed the search for like minded people. If you are interested in meeting people who talk about SEO for example, all you have to do is select the interest ‘’SEO’’ and check out the blogs or profiles  of members writing on this topic.  You can share your difference and why not help each other?

5.       Increase In social media authority.
The number of shares,   comments, retweets ,  engagements  among others greatly determine how influential you are on Social media.   Profiles with a high social authority will attract businesses and content marketers to your profile.
 Retweeting or sharing on social media is very important when it comes to creating brand awareness.    You have the chance of getting it for free with VCB
6.       Content is being share by Real people to real audience.
Unlike some other plat forms that automatically share content to social media, on VCB, you content is share by bloggers which increases interaction (Retweets, comments, re-shares and likes, follows and more). VCB thus give you a clear idea of what you are doing, thus keeping your social account and websites safe.
7.       Works for both Newbie Blogger and Pro bloggers
Every type of blogger can use the plat from provided you have quality content. It is also easy to understand how the site functions within a matter of days or weeks if your brain is stubborn.
Most of those who get into blogging rarely think of promoting their blog and SEO. It always turns out to be frustrating when the view count is low. As a member of Viral Content Buzz, you can get thousands of views. This will help keep the newbie blogger blogging with confidence and hope.
8.       More Shares than from your profiles
It is always a tradition that after posting, you share to you friend, pages, groups or followers while waiting for link clicks and re-shares. Using viral content buzz exposes your article to active social media users who will share your blog post. With VCB, you will get more social buzz. In fact, VCB is one of the best plat forms where you can meet the right social influencers who will share your content and as a result increase the popularity of your blog.

9.       Knowing which social media you can get more visitors
There is one social media where you should be doing well. When you use VCB, you will be able to identify this social media. You can now consider going for a premium promotion like Facebook ads or twitter ads to promote your blog.

10.   Followers Growth on twitter and other social media
When you join VCB, you can gain followers or friends through any of the following ways:
-Members of the VCB plat form can follow you.
-Followers of those who share your post can follow you.
-Those who click on your links visit your blog and can also follow you from your blog.

Bonus: 10 Rules to Become successful with Viral Content Buzz
Being aware of these advantages, it is important to get to know what you need in order to get the best out from VCB. Every good thing must be handle with care, if not it can end up being useless. As a member of VCB, there some rules you should follow so as to keep things moving

  Rule #1   Do not share posts that are too specific. VCB needs content that can go viral.

Rule #2 Avoid using more than two   harsh tags when sharing articles. 

Rule #3  Ensure your article has a good budget to ensure it is shared. It will not make sense if you  have post that are not being shared. Maintaining your budget at 30 credits keeps you in a good position for getting shares for your post.

Rule #4 Do not share the Same content twice. You are a blogger and should be writing more. Viral Rule content Buzz does not allow users to share the same over and over. 

Rule # 5 You earn credits by sharing and the credits you earn depends on the number of followers you have.

Rule #6 You can upgrade to the pro plan to get more Shares and credits.
Rule #7  If you are a spammer, then back off. Viral Content Buzz will not allow low quality content links to be shared.

Rule #8 Don’t focus too much on sharing your own content

Rule #9 Interact with others on the Viral Content Buzz community.

Rule# 10   Always Check out how well your projects are doing. 

     In all viral content buzz is a plat form to get your content expose to millions of readers which in tend improve the SEO of your blog or website. Stop searching for free traffic sites. Produce content and VCB will help with  more social shares and visitors.
Do you have any experience with VCB? Do you think Viral content Buzz is the best site to get social shares?
Share your thoughts.

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