Info graphics are getting popular than blog post when it comes to getting readers attention on a particular topic or telling a story.
It is a great way to create visual buzz on your website using your web content (text) in a dynamic design. It shows events with time , data and equally provides visual answers to questions.
People are more engaged with pictures than text. Bloggers and content marketers use infographics along with their blog post to engage audience.  

An info graphic can be used to : show a flow charts how a map, photo guide, express facts facts, illustrate a situation and so on. This is the bases of the different types of infographics that are used on the internet.
What is an Infographic?
This is an visual representation that’s show information, story or data in a very simple terms. Each information section is styled with a particular color to make reading and understanding fast and easy.
Pictures,arrows,charts among others are used to explain the sequence of events in an infographic.  It all depend on the person designing the info graphic. No matter the method or features you incude in an infographic , it should explain clearly what you want readers to learn about.

How to do I design an infographic?
Desiging an infographic is no big deal. From the hitech programmer to the dumb newbie, all can get an infographic done with their hands. The important thing is you should have any post,story,event or tutorial you can represent in a particular way.

Some tools you can use includes; Vizualize,Google Developers,Piktochart,Venngage and more.

There are very easy to use with hundreds of templates for you to use. You can equally design yours if you got the skills.

  Depening on your needs, you can equally use infographics to
generate leads,recruit in a company,compare two situations and more.
Now you know what an infographic is and how to use. It is your turn. Go and use it and tell your story online in another way.

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  2. It is definitely a right choice to use infographis. Recently I impemented it in my work. It was very useful. It's always good the use something new, because your result can be better.


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