Online application is the new big thing in Cameroonian universities following the  growth of the internet and internet technology in Cameroon. Oh yes, this is the android generation. Good bye to the old days where people will have to stand  to deposit application into the university.
The anglophone universities had made  had made the process 100 percent online with payment done using MTN mobile money all thanks toGo student technology by Go Groups located at Malingo-Muea Road, Buea Cameroon. At the moment the folliwng universities are using the Go-student system
  -university of Bamenda,   University of Buea,
  -Bamenda university of science and technology,
-St louis Institute of helath and Biomedical sciences
-and HIAMS Buea.

  while this process  it is time saving , some students see it as a night mare as they have never spent a minute with the computer. This is  where middle men are coming into play to assit these yound stars in excahnge for some bucks. Thats right you have to pay for not being par of the android generation. The process is just simple , even grand ma can do it. Get involve and learn how to use the internet if you have not been doing so because more is still to come. you will need to transfer money online,check your results online,and even contact your supervisors or lectures online. Yea, that is it.
   On the other hand universities like university of Dscahng,University of Yaounde and university of Douala  are still to make use of the complete online registartion technique . students only go online to fill and download the registration form .There is no automation in payment .However we can still talk of the online registration which is what we like here.
Many more universities hopefully will get i,nvolve  to accept the students of the  Android Generation.
  Students need time to us whatsapp,chat on social media and make money online while registering for their university degree,checking their results while in their rooms. Thanks to the digital generation

This year, i  got contacted by studenst who want to apply into the following universities/universitity colleges for online registration.
 Catholic universituy institute of Buea (CUIB)
 -Polytechnic Yaounde
 -university of Bamenda
 - Institute of technology Douala PK 16
 -University of Buea
- ENS bambili
 -All medecine schools in cameroon

which  university belongs to the android genaertion that is not mentioned here?
Let us know about it on the comment section.

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