In my last post, I was explaining why people leak their sex videos. Many ask me how people take a sex video. I will show you how this is done. This is meant to create awareness and avoid falling into a mess like other have done lately.  I am assuming one partner is interested in this and the other is not aware of the plan. However if the two partners want to do this, then I can’t help you guys here.

 Use of Spy Cameras
some spy cameras from
   A spy camera is any camera used to record a video or take a picture of someone without his/her consent. People can use this to take a video of you are make you an unknown porn star online.
Spy camera can be found in the following places
   USB flash drive, eye glass, a charger, toilet brush, clock, shoes, pens and others. Hope you are thinking now. Ok got it. That is how someone can get a video of yours without your knowledge.

Caught by Surveillance Cameras
If you cannot control your sex drive then, watch out because you can be caught by a surveillance camera. This can be in a hotel, on the street, on even in your room. Once the video is discovered, of course it will be a good product to market while you cry and lament. Take care because this is one of the ways people have gotten sex tapes. So don’t ask how if you know you did it in a public place.. Take a look at some smaple from this screen shot on

Use of Spy Apps
android spy apss

Spy apps permit you to look into someone phone without his/her knowledge. They can be used to read messages, download files  and even take videos. If you are someone who always dare by taking sex videos for fun, then I think it is time you watch out because someone might just be waiting for such an opportunity to get you online.
   Watch out if you find apps like  Cell tracker, Hidden Camera, sneaky cam, spy vidoeo, secret agent and others on your android phone.

 For I phone users, watch out for apps like; Contact spy, spy recorder, secret voice, night recorder, secret camera among others.
   That is it if you don’t know how people get your sex tapes. If you don’t know why, then you know how. Get yourself out of mess and be responsible.

  Do you think digital marketers can succeed when there use porns videos to market?
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