Leaked Sex videos are so common on the internet today including those of top class individuals like Pamela Anderson, Dustin Diamond, Colin Farel and many more. In the last post, we saw the ‘’Bad Side of the Internet and Whatsappin Cameroon’’. It is not as bad as we might think since some of these videos are made intentionally.  In the world of digital marketing today, brands do anything to get an online presence. This is common with magazines and newspaper brands.
It is at times frustrating when we discovered our   sex tape is on the internet or social media. The common questions is how does this happen? I will be showing you this in my next post.   In this post we are going to see why people will actually get a sex tape online. 
We might hear some people cry, but others will just smile when their sex tape is online. 

 Here are some reasons

#1 Some people leak se tapes as a marketing strategy. Some people who are getting into the porn industry post such videos advertise their movies. Digital marketers (Videos) use this to get their brands exposed as well.

-#2 Others do this to gain popularity on the internet to advance their career. This is common among celebrities, musicians, journalist, actors and other who want to get along with their media career.

-#3 other publishes sex tapes to make money. This is usually in the case when the other partner is not aware. This occurs when you see the sex tape as incomplete. People will contact the owner to send the complete video in exchange for some bucks.
- #4 Revenge on Partners:   Some can just decide to get your sex tape online as a means to revenge. This is common when an ex- comes back.  So ladies and gentlemen, watch out why your ex wants you back despite the hardship you gave him/her.

-# 5 To discover the power of Technology
Many teen had been victims of leaked sex tapes because they just want to adventure with technology.  Most Camera apps today have an option to share on social media. You might just find yourself sharing a video online unknowingly.
   Those are the five reasons why people share sex videos online. To round this off, sex tapes are not anything for fun to me. It just potrays  a wrong image of you. This image will remain to be seen by different generations and it equally gives a wrong image of you. 
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