It is commonly said content is king when it comes to SEO . Many website owners and bloggers tend to give deaf ears to this . This is why you find people posting un meaningful comments to blog post and webpages in order to get some links to their websites. At times when you follow this link you find littel or no information.
Such links usually end up harming the blogs of the victims.
Enabling comments on blogs is a very important feature that i personally recommend every blogger  should do.  It helps you to keep in contact with your blog audience.

Blogger is tsill one of the most popular blogging palt forms on the internet . It os very good for all gettting into the blogging journey. 
  In this post, i will share with you things you can do when you find out spammy links on your comment section.

Option1: Remove or Disable   Links from  Comments

    My number one suggestion is to  remove this links and keep the comments.  With this option you will have to  make a choice. Either to keep the text that contain the link or to remove the link  and text

                              Remove Link and Keep Text

Click on ''Edit HTML'' on blogger ,Click Ctrl+ F
Search  for   ]]></b:skin>

paste the code   below just above it .
.comment-content a {
display: none; } 

     Click Save and View your blog.

                                    Remove Link and Keep the Text

To do this, search '' </body> '' on blogger HTML editor.
Paste this code just Above it.

<!--Code start -->
<script>$('.comment-content a[rel$=nofollow]').replaceWith(function(){return 
<!--Code End -->  
Click on save and you are done.
    If nothing is working, then search </head>
and paste this code above it
  <script src=''/>
It should be ok now. We are done

          Option2:   Use Another Commenting System

    You can use other commeting systems aprt from the default blogger commenting sytem. Most modern blogger templates come with Blogger++ Facebook comment system.  You can alter this to suit you. let us see how

Commeting with Google Plus

You can  make your blog such that users can only commet when sign in on ''Google plus''
     To do this, go to settings click on ''post,comments and sharing'' Under comments,''who can comment and Select ''Registered users.  Dont forget to click on ''save at the top right.

 You can equally use  Disqus  commenting system which allow any user to login and post ( you can completely replace  Defaul Blogger comment with  the disqus comment system ). You cal also use the Facbook comment system only.
Read this :  

Option3: Delete Comments  or Remove Content  with Links on your blog

   If you cannot bear it then just delete  the comment. It is easy to do so.
On your blogger Dashboard== Click on comments
Just take  the curson on any comment and you will see three options(You can choose any one of them). let us see these options briefly.

i. Delete comment  if you want to delete the comment and the author

ii. Remove Content if you wanto delete the comment but keep the profile of the author
 and lastly

iii. Click on spam to move the comment to the spam section of your blog. It will not be visible to your readers, but you can always read it
         You can use this section to control comments on your blog equally.

Option4: Disbale   Comments on your Blogger Blog

      If you are just tired of getting comments on your blog whcih i think you should not , then you can  disable comments on your blog. Here is how to do it
  = Click on the blog
  =Go to settings and Click on '' Posts, comments and sharing''  
=Under comments ,select the drop down and click on ''Hide''
     =Click on Save and no one will be able to comment on your blog again.
  We have gone through four main options. You are the master, tell us which option you will chose and why
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