The disqus commenting system  has grown over past 8 years.
This system allows you to post on blogs with the your twitter account,Facebook account,google account and the disqus account. To see how this system works you can see demo here 

In this tutorial we will see how we can remove the default blogger commenting system from a blog and replace it with the disqus commenting system

===Step One
Visit and create account.
You can also LOGIN in with facebook.

===step two
Assuming you have access to your account, now
Click the gear icon (Setting) to the top right just beside you profile photo

 Click on Engage

screen shot taken,Sep 2015

 Step4 : Create your account . Make sure you select the right category
Clck on Finnish registration and select blogger

You will be taken to a page that display the following

Follow the instructions and enjoy the disqus commenting system. Note that you can import your comments later by clicking on ''install'' displayed on the  top left(Repeat step 4 and select option 2 this time around)

You can get you disqus short  name by clicking on general tab
scroll down to  Site Identity and  copy disqus short name

    This method will also show related post powered by
so it is a two in one process. So if you are finding  difficulties in displaying related post on your blog, then using the disqus system can just be a life saver.

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