What is helpjet.net  all about?
                            It is  a website created to help computer user in updating their firm wares and drivers .PC files can be downloaded directly on the website.

How to find a driver or Firmware
So how to you proceed to get a driver updated?
 Method one :From the homepage

As seen on the screen shot, above, you can select you software from a vendor  list and other feature directly on the home page.
Method two: Using the Request driver tab
To use this method, all you have to do is click on the request driver tab and  enter the following information.

Device model and vendor:
Problem description:

Method Three: Using the Search Bar

Type a key word of the search bar, for example hp drivers.
A list of drivers will be displayed from which you can select your desired driver.
If this is not the case,Click on "Driver Rebot Sofware"  as seen on the screen shot below.
 If this does not still work, then you can contact helpjet.com. I believe you will come back to say Thanks to helpjet.com

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