I have read some few articles on how to add social buttons on the web. Hum!! some were very long . Have you thought of adding social buttons on Gmail signature?.  This short tutorial will help you do it it with no fear.

===> Sign in to gmail.com if you dont have an account create one it is free with 15GB of storage
===>Click on  on the gear icon on the top left below your profile picture
FB  TwitterSearch for Social icons and save them on a folder on your pc.

You can create as many as you want: Facebook,pinterest,linkedin,twitter,etc.
===> scroll down to where you see signature. Make sure no signature is not selected.
Write the text you will like to include in your signature. write something like this at the end of your text
Follow us on  
==>Upload your icons just below  the follow us text.
==>Click on each icon and select change 
==>Enter corresponding text and link for example, www.ransbiz.com/facebook
The best thing to do is to copy the page from your browser.
==>Click ok and Save changes.
You can now socialize via email.

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