We have been out for some time now promoting the use of bulk sms in Cameroon.  Though there are a lot of advantages associated with bulk messaging or bulk SMS, it’s important that you use this technology in a proper manner for attracting the attention of consumers. Nevertheless, there are some common mistakes that most business tend to make that can impede the effect of this form of marketing quite badly. While many people in Cameroon are trying to get acquainted with this service most bulk sms users usually make some errors which you should consider checking out. Prior to starting your bulk SMS marketing campaign, it is recommended you get the right information in regards to the mistakes which you need to avoid whilst sending messages in bulk:
 Poor CTA or call to action
The very first mistake which most businesses make is they are not able to influence their consumers with a suitable CTA. In case your marketing message doesn’t click the right buttons of your potential consumers, they won’t feel any need to take it into consideration. Thus, when creating your marketing text, ensure that it is appealing and direct with a bit of nudge. If you notice the bulk sms that comes from nexttel . Orange and MTN, you will see that there is always a code to dial for subscription into a service. This is what we call call to action. 
Avoid forcing your customers to do a particular action
Rather than just stealing the cell phone numbers of a number of users and sending them random texts, it’s wise that you keep your current consumers informed & updated in order to have better interaction with them. Most times, it’s seen that businesses forward their promotional texts to numerous cell phone numbers. But, they are not able to get the desired response from their customers as either their marketing text gets deleted without creating any sort of impression or gets considered as scam amongst people.
Frequent messaging
This is the 3rd most common mistake which most traders make when it comes sending SMS in bulk. They continue forwarding a number of messages to their client database at common intervals. Studies have shown that sending repeated promo messages tend to individuals can make them disinterested & irritated, hence making your advertising efforts a complete failure. It would be much better if you try to keep your clients updated about your present services, deals and events at suitable interval in order to make sure your marketing text catches their eye instinctively.
Pick a suitable time
Even though you’re allowed to send bulk SMS to your clients at any time you want, it is not a wise idea to send your marketing texts at strange hours like midnight or early in the morning. Most of the times, such kind of messages don’t receive sufficient attention from the consumers and they’re likely to end-up in their inbox as a junk.
Here we go with this write up. Avoiding these mistakes will greatly improve your businesses and campaigns.
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