Much of mobile marketing is conducive to enhancing sales power, and modern decision makers have innovated with the smartphone’s ever-expanding features. Mobile technology is everywhere—and it’s used by everyone. 75 percent of Americans bring their phone to the restroom, and 40 percent of shoppers access three channels, or more, via smartphone before completing a transaction.
Both frequency and consistency make up the buyer’s persona, and smartphones—more than ever—are contributing to the marketing world’s tool-belt. Big businesses are making moves, and they’re implementing ironclad mobile strategies to connect to, influence and empower consumers procurement, and take advantage. 
Check out the five best tips surrounding

mobile marketing

and sales of one of the world's fastest -growing business utilities.

Tip One: Craft Mobile-Viewable Videos
Sure, picture media is in, but online videos offer unprecedented impact potential. The rise of Twitter and Facebook have redefined the consumer’s media consumption habits—and mobile devices have rendered social media instantly accessible.
Every month, Facebook experiences 727 million "mobile-only" users. Phone and tablet access are a huge slice of social media’s access pie, and your strategy, when imbued with mobile-friendly media, will boost sales. Social media videos promote likes, comments and shares. Really, they’re communication powerhouses. Such cross-platform potential can’t be ignored, and your strategy will benefit greatly from mobile-friendly videos.

Tip Two: Create a Mobile App

Mobile apps rule the modern mobile climate. Instant access aside, mobile apps offer astounding loyalty program benefits while remaining non-intrusive, intuitive and impactful. Mobile apps pull consumers to brick-and-mortar locations. They influence the buyer’s path-to-purchase decisions. Moreover, they connect consumers to a business’s surrounding culture.
Generate an app capable of tipping for services. Or, generate features based upon location-specific offers. Your business’s surrounding community is an asset—so don’t neglect it. A solid mobile app offers astounding flexibility—and it boosts sales when aligned with a comprehensive outreach program.


Tip Three: Optimize for Search Engines

That’s right: SEO isn’t out of the game. Mobile marketers need to pay attention to search engine optimization. They need to provoke calls-to-action via target leads and clickthrough. A recent iAcquire study reveals a surprising 70 percent of mobile searches resulting in website action. Your mobile marketing campaign isn’t solely about social media, SMS management and email output. It’s about multi-level access.
If your site is viewed, your e-commerce capabilities will rise. Moreover, your in-store potency will increase. As stated earlier, consumers are glued to mobile devices preceding a purchase. Target their behavior, and engage them on your own turf.

Tip Four: Craft a Powerful SMS Campaign

SMS marketing is unavoidable if you’re intend on boosting sales. The “always connected” consumer engages brands via text—and your in-store transactions rely upon a solid SMS strategy to survive. Currently, 58 percent of mobile users check their device at least once per hour. Your engagement strategy already contains powerful statistics, and your consumer’s population is ready to receive offers.
Geo-specific coupons, in-store redemption offers and loyalty programs are an SMS campaign’s bread and butter. Mobile marketing’s SMS capabilities are astounding, and communication-minded consumers certainly seek in-depth offers provided by brands who care. A strong SMS strategy holds the keys to increased sales, in-store appearances and customer retention.

Tip Five: Get Personal

“Get personal” might seem ambiguous—but it’s entirely effective. Modern app stores hold millions of apps, and mobile sites are everywhere. Your brand should invoke a personal touch, and it should inspire new consumers with exclusive offers and a unique approach to common industry problems.
A unique brand is a steady brand. Due to the sheer volume of existent business material, unique content and personalized approaches are incredibly valuable. The days of spam email, uninspired web content and form-fitting text messages are gone. Personal brands are infinitely more effective than their generic counterparts. They increase sales, too.
Mobile users are evolving, as are consumers. Personalized contact, custom offers and unique programs are on the rise—and for good reason. The modern marketing world carries a lot of noise, but the entities capable of breaking form are widely considered successes. Reaching the consumer has never been easier. Gaining their attention, meanwhile, has become harder. As your mobile strategy evolves, uphold privacy and transparency. You, the marketer, hold the power to influence consumer lives.

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Sophorn Chhay
Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Watch Trumpia's 5-Minute Demo on how to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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  1. I have been looking for tips like this. Thank you so much for the tips. There are really wonderful. what about the cost involve in making these tips a reality?

  2. You are welcome Nelson. The size of your dream determine how much you can invest.

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