Today is valentine’s day.   What is it about? Valentine’s day is consider a day in which ''lovers'' show special concern to each other, usually through gifts. It is a compulsory anniversary to any two in a relationship. The   reason for celebrating this day is not well understood by many in Cameroon.  We hope you are all having fun and celebrating love. 

 This year’s  Valentine  day  celebration in Cameroon was characterized by many events and celebrations around Douala,Cameroon. In addition to the normal parties and ‘’shaking’’ around town. We could find some businesses Kaymu cameroon,  Jumia  Cameroon , MTN Cameroon and orange  Cameroon  making special offers  in their products and services.   
Solar way ,Huwei and Afrishop stands

We went out to see what tech companies in Cameroon were doing.  We were caught up with the  tech show at rond pouleng Makepe in Douala . The event took place near Hotel Palce Makepe   opposite Orange commercial center .The tech companies present during this show displayed  some products and services.
Any service or product offered during the show was at a special discount. The show was spiced with music and animation from a renowned DJ in the Makepe neighborhood. In this post we are going to discover what this tech show was all about and some products that featured during this show.
 Four stand could be seen displaying products from   Orange Cameroon, Huawei Cameroon, Solar way   and Afri Shops 24 .  In addition to the companies mentioned above,we were able to see companies like UBA Bank and Clic ici displayed on banners around the show area. We are going to see in brief the products that were displayed by these companies.
Orange Cameroon
Products displayed included Sim cards, phones and modems.   Orange used this show to educated public on the use of the mobile money services.  
Huawei Cameroon
Huawei displayed a variety of smart phones and tablets.  All the phones belonging to the Ascend family could be found on the stand.  
The Cameroon online shopping company used the event to show case it services and educate the public on online shopping.  The various payment methods accepted on the site were displayed on the company’s stand which included; mobile money, credit card, payment on deliver and
Solar way
This was the most attractive stand at the show glittering in blue and white colors.  The solar company displayed solar products such as;   solar lamps, solar power banks, solar phone chargers, and solar radios among others.

This is the way these companies could share their love with the public. It was   great event. It was my first time to know about solar way. I believe events like this can really help expose businesses offering great products to the public. 

This event is very similar to the MTN street parties which were held in Douala, Yaounde and Buea as a strategy to make their 4g services known.    We know how Cameroonians like parties. This can be the perfect strategy to keep business going in Cameroon.
  Happy Valentine’s day.
 What made Valentine’s day in your town or country?

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