With the latest development in technology, the web is filled with great video games. In our efforts to exploit them, we become addicted to them. Gaming is very important as it helps you to be a better person in the mind and ij the heart. Video games improve your manipulative skills, improve strategic thinking, decision making among others. Today, video games lovers have a  a good number choices when it comes to playing games;
-Computer or mobile games.
-Android versus java versus windows versus iOS
-Console or computer
-war versus investigation
-sports versus entertainment among others.

  Everyone has the opportunity to choose a particular game in a niche that is of interest to him/her. Today, In Cameroon video games are very popular with just a few of the games developed in Cameroon. We find thousands of youths around with the latest android games, Play station games, Xbox and other exciting games.  We find players who cannot be challenged in game houses. If you find yourself addicted to any game or unchangeable in any game, then it is time to consider you as a game expert. It is not all about saying ‘’I am a game expert’’. It takes some time and preparation to say this.  In this post we will see what it takes to become a video game expert.

After playing several games, your knowledge in games might become wide such that you are able to teach others techniques in completing games and other tricks involve in making video gaming experience great. You are on your path to becoming a video game expert.

Who is a video game expert?
A video game expert is someone who has  a good knowledge in a variety of games, play  games skillfully , has the ability to help others solve their gaming challenges as well as develop  new strategies to win video games within the shortest possible time.

This is something that many will not find interesting as you will always be taken as a gambler. Before you consider taking the decision of becoming a gaming expert, be ready to welcome all criticism, whether good or bad.

 What to do next if your think you can become a video game expert.

-Look for opportunities to test your abilities in the public.
    What strengthens any business is the ability of that business to network with other businesses.  Game Networking is very important to you as an expert. It is very easy to establish a network. Meet some of the best players around, share your thoughts, your experience and ask how you can help each other.
Sometimes you can be very good in sport games. It is important to meet someone who is good at playing say investigation games. As such you can create a relationship with him that will permit you to call him when you need his assistance without cost.  Networking help strengthen your ability to teach others because you know exactly what has to be done. It also helps you to get updated information, tricks and development in the gaming industry.
-Admit that you don’t know all.
There is always more to learn in every industry including the gaming industry. As an expert, you should seek to learn about things you don’t know about video games. You should consider playing with other experts in other to learn from them too. Also subscribe to gaming sites like www.gameinformer.com
Sometimes the strategies are never the same. Kit is important to know at least two of them than sticking to one. The more you learn the more strategies you develop and the more your growth in the gaming industry. 

Think more than a ‘’Player’’
Oh yes, you should not just be the best in playing. After winning every stage in a game, it is important to think of how you can include a more difficult stage in that game. This is the thinking of a programmer.
As a game expert, you should consider taking some lessons on game programming.
You can also get game programming software and begin to dare with. The genius in you can be exposed through hard work. It might be in a programming class or at home while daring ( through formal education or informal education)

-consider starting a video game shop

As an expert you should consider getting a reward for your knowledge. Starting up a video game shop can be a great step to take to earn some money. As an expert you should have a basic knowledge on proper game installation, game console, and latest games and what you can think off. Offering such services for profits can indeed better your life. You can include game hardware in you shop to make it complete,

 Talk to a wider range of Audience and share your expertise.
  To make your work known by a larger audience, you should consider getting online. Participate in gaming completions; participate in online discussions and game forums. Also comment on gaming articles.
If you feel you can tell the world more about video games, then consider starting a gaming blog.  While running your blog you should be thinking of starting your own video game. Once your video game is ready, consider starting a site where people can download your game.

            A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Not all steps are taken in the forward direction.  Good luck to all who wish to become  video game experts.

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