After launching a slew of budget phones, renowned tech-giant Lenovo is finally making its move towards the lucrative mid-range segment. The company recently introduced new members in its Vibe lineup dubbed as Vibe S1 and Vibe P1. Both new phones feature incredible innards at the same price bracket. They boast an enticing package at a great price bracket and go straight against the likes of players like OnePlus X and Xiaomi Mi4.
That being said, the only question many of our readers have is, which is one is the better option to choose from? 
 With identical prices, Lenovo vibe S1 and Vibe P1 both look fairly impressive, and offer a perfect combo of smooth and glitch-free performance. They do create some serious confusions, but our detailed comparison would certainly help you in making the right the choice. Have a look to know more!

Lenovo vibe S1                     
  Design Language 
Lenovo vibe p1
The design language of Lenovo Vibe S1 and Vibe P1 is simply impeccable. Both phones flaunt a sassy look, but they are totally different from one another. The new Vibe P1, at the first place, boasts a beautifully crafted metal body and gives reminiscence of the famous HTC One series. The device includes a fingerprint sensor for enhanced security, and is barely 9.9mm thick and 187 grams heavy. It looks very sturdy and has a subtle touch of class as well!
The new Vibe S1, on the other hand, looks very elegant, sleek, and compact. The premium looking device features a metal unibody construction and boasts a sturdy metal frame with a beautifully crafted curved-glass panel on the rear. It includes diamond cut chamfered edges and looks absolutely stunning from all angles. Its glossy finish and non-backlit capacitive buttons are small disappointments, but on whole, the entire package looks extremely alluring!

Display Quality
As far as visual experience is concerned, apart from design, there is hardly anything different between Lenovo Vibe S1 and Vibe P1. Both metal-built devices feature full-HD display panels protected by Gorilla Glass 3, and deliver a crisp and vivid viewing experience. They pack enhanced pixel density with viewing angles up to 180 degrees, and produce true-to-life images even bright sunlight. You can enjoy games and movies at their very best with both these phones!

Hardware and Performance
The innards of Lenovo Vibe S1 and Vibe P1 are completely different. The sturdy Vibe P1 powers up by an octa-core Snapdragon 615 SoC clocked at 1.5GHz, while its sassy counterpart houses an octa-core MediaTek MT6752 chip tickling at 1.7GHz. They both belong to different genres, but their performance remains right on the mark. You’ll not witness any lag or stutter, and will get a perfect user-experience on both phones. Although additional 1GB RAM on Vibe P1 is a plus side for gamers and high-end users, 2GB on Vibe S1 will also perform pretty smoothly even on high-end usage!

The operating system of Vibe S1 and P1 is pretty slick and user-friendly. Both phones run the latest version of Android with a layer of Lenovo’s highly customized Vibe UI on the top. The feature-rich UI of both phones includes a bunch of elements like secure zone, double tap to wake, and apps like, Evernote, SHAREit, SYNCit, WeChat, Truecaller, and Guvera Music. Several under-the-hood improvements have made Vibe UI faster, lighter, and more efficient than Stock Android. It brings a complete makeover and runs all your favorite Google apps with perfection!

Lenovo Vibe P1 

                Camera Setup
    Lenovo Vibe S1
Here comes the biggest difference between Vibe S1 and P1. The duo camera setup of Vibe S1 looks like a better choice over the standard 5MP secondary shooter of Vibe P1. The camera app of both phones is clutter-free and the rear camera is geared with a 13-megapixel sensor with auto-focus, fast-focus PDFA technology, and dual-tone LED flash. They deliver crisp and vibrant images even in dark environments and perform far better than standard 13-megapixel shooters.
As far as the front camera concerned, the first-ever duo-camera setup of Vibe S1 performs far better than the 5MP unit featured on Vibe P1. The 8MP front-facing camera of Vibe S1 with f/2.2 aperture and BSI sensor gives you crisp selfies and is perfectly supported by the additional 2MP camera, which analyzes depth of field to give bright and lifelike images in all environments. It gives you unprecedented creative options with added features and retains natural color tones even dull and ambient light.

Battery Backup
The battery backup offered by Vibe S1 and Vibe P1 creates one of the biggest line of difference between the two phones. The sleek, elegant and compact Lenovo Vibe S1 houses a decent 2,420 mAh battery, and offers sufficient amount of charge for an entire day of standard usage. However, its counterpart Vibe P1 fuels up by a massive 4900mAh battery and makes up a perfect package for on-the-go users. The battery of this handset will give more than enough juice to keep things up and running even on heaviest usage.

To everyone’s surprise, Lenovo Vibe S1 and Vibe P1 both are available at the same price tag of Rs, 15,999. Vibe S1 is available exclusively via, while Vibe P1 is rolling via its arch rival Both phones come bundled with a slew of offers, and take on the likes of devices like OnePlus X, Moto X Play, and ZenFone Selfie.

Final Verdict
To sum things up, we can say, both phones offer an ultimate package for the buyers. If you’re looking for a sassy phone with an impeccable front-facing camera, go with Lenovo Vibe S1, else if you’re looking for top-tier performance with long-lasting battery backup, try out the powerful Vibe P1. The device looks sturdy and spectacular, and has everything on board to cater all your needs with perfection!
You can play around with either of these phones, and can explore a perfect user-experience without any lags, stutters, or thermal issues. They look very impressive and deliver outstanding performance, for which Lenovo is known since years!
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  1. I cant still make out the winner. All the features are wonderful. May be i will buy one and after that i will buy the other and try. Still don't know which is better

  2. Where can i buy this product in Nigeria?


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