Advent of smart phones and other smart devices have also given rise to innovations in technology globally. While people are using these smart devices for their day to day activities, the need for various accessories is also increased. Companies are coming up with different accessories that make these smart devices smarter and offer utmost convenience to the user. Power banks are also designed to offer convenience to the users by keeping the device battery charged even while you are away from the power source.

Power Banks have become the rage and people of all age groups are opting for Power Banks of different shapes and sizes. The varied use of phone and the importance of battery have made Power Banks inevitable.
What is power bank?
Power Bank is the charging device that comes with an inbuilt battery that can be used to charge other devices. The battery fitted in the Power Bank is used to store the electrical energy directly from the power source and this stored energy is then transferred to other devices charged with USB cable. These battery banks are very handy and come in portable designs.

What are the Different types of Power Banks?

All Power Banks are meant for charging but the way in which they are charged would decide its type. There are two major types of Power Banks popularly used worldwide –
1   1. Solar Charged Power Bank – This type of Power Bank is charged by solar power. The photovoltaic panels are provided in this Power Bank to initiate charging whenever the Power Bank is placed under sunlight. The charging in this type of Power Bank is not very fast and hence conventional cable charging is also provided for faster charging.

2  2.    Universal Power Bank – This is the standard Power Bank that comes with different battery configurations. It is available in various shapes and sizes. The designs vary from pocket size to normal phone sized Power Banks.

 Ptron power bank 16800 mAh Power Bank with two USB out puts. Best for Lenovo Phones.

                                            How does Power Bank work?
The Power Bank is charged in the same way as the phone. You can charge it directly from the power source or you can use your laptop to charge this portable battery bank. The time taken for charging would depend on the size of the battery. The number of charges possible with this Power Bank would also depend on the Power Bank battery and phone battery. For example if the battery capacity of your Power Bank is 2000mAh then it would charge 1500mAh phone once. You can’t expect 100% conversion as some of the power is lost during conversion.
What type of Power Bank one should select?
The selection of the Power Bank depends on its size, shape, and most importantly battery capacity. The battery capacity of the Power Bank should be more than the phone battery capacity, so that it ensures at least single charge. You can go for bigger battery to get multiple charging but in that case, the size of the Power Bank would increase substantially and the charging time for the Power Bank would also be very high.
So, opt for the Power Bank that offers you the complete charging solution along with convenience of carrying it anywhere anytime without increasing the burden on your bag.

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  1. HI here is my true review after the three months usage,It is working without any issues.

    thank you for the post and thank you for for such a nice product.

    1. Good to know latest one could offer you a good power bank

  2. I was traveling with 4 power bank each 16800mAh, From Heathrow airport terminal 5 to LAX (Los Angles). Two of them where in hand carry and two checkin luggage. They asked to take them out from my checkin luggage it was deadly task to do. I had move my luggage and search for them in checkin luggage. They examine all the 4 power banks and Told me I can only carry two of them, in Hand Carry, I am not allowed keep any of them in Checkin Luggage. Luckly I had friend traveling with me I gave him two and kept two with me in our Hand Carry we where taking AA to LAX. We where traveling from India and I bought those power bank from indian website Now a days Carrying Power bank is real tough job. I Normaly I carry Power bank, Bluetooth speaker, both has Lithium battery. I think they are strict now because in recent past cases like Malaysian airline Mh370 and other airlines crashed may be becuase of fire and fire is highly possible with litthium batteries.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about that. Latest one is indeed a good website for eletronics in India.

  3. Let me share my priorities about power banks I personally travel alot ( sales manager in one of leading banks ) Hyderabad. let me share my priority I cannot keep on messing with wires so first priority hands free or wireless and secondly as I speak to clients during traffic should be noise less & last but not least should have clear voice when I speak or hear from my clients.


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