Well my last post was to help students and Cameroonian get the best internet connection given the financial situation of our economy. There are some great internet modems that will make your browsing experience rock. You can get theses modem in Cameroon  above 25000 FCFA. someone ask me why are some modems cheap and others expensive.
Modems are just like  cars.Even though cars are used for transportation,some cars have a higher speed than others. Some are more comfortable than others  among other differences.Let us take a modem that cost 12,000 FCFA in Cameroon. Such a modem can only connect to a single computer. As  we move to about 30,000 CFA. we can find modems that will work on may be 4 computers. As the prize keep increasing, we also discover different advantages.  The modem you buy depends on what you need the internet for. So if you are thinking of getting a more expensive modem . check out these ones.

1. Huawei Dongle

This products can be found in Huawei shops . The product  can also be bought in any Huawei shop in Cameroon. If you want to get discounted prizes, then getting it an an Orange shop will be of good . When you buy this key from an orange shop, you  get 1Gb of internet connection and a new sim for free.

The key supports  3G+ connection and is   compatible with the windows operating system.
It product at Orange very similar to the Huawei Dongle is the MIFI ZTE Modem They both cost 39,900 FCFA .
One of the best internet device is the Orange  Flybox which is sold at 79,900 FCAF with 5Gb of internet connection..
2.  SNS MOBILITY   MF 800 Mini Router Mi-Fi

This key brought to you by SNS can be used by up to five different users.

This key has the following features

3G EVDO RevB up to 14.9 Mbps capability

Mobile WiFi connectivity

Minimum 8 hours battery autonomy (5200 mAh)

The key  can be connected to a computer directly

When you buy this product from SNS, A RUIM card + 450 MB internet connection.

Prize:  35000 FCFA

  Another product very similar to this one is the MiFi EW101 modem. This can SNS product can be bought at 35000 FCFA

3. MTN SONIC E5330 Pocket MiFi                                                                                                                                                       This portable internet device can connect upto five wifi devices. You can connect devices such as tablets,phones and computers at the same time.

This product at  MTN cost 34,900 FCFA. You will get a sim and 3Gb of free internet connection.

Other exciting products you can get at MTN are the chromecast at 28900 FCFA and MTN WIMAZ/LTE modem at 84,900 FCFA                                                                                                                                          

 4. YooMee Mifi Portable wifi Hotspot device   

This device is brought to you by one of the oldest 4G internet provider in Cameroon, YooMee.

With this portable Mifi, you can  connect on any device of your choice. This 4G device  be used by 5 users for optimum browsing. The connection will be slow if more than 5 devices are connected to it. This device is sold at 49 900 FCFA in Douala and Yaounde.You can take advantage of the YouMee desktop modem sold at 21 900 FCFA.

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