MTN Cameroon lately announced the launching of its 4G LTE service in Cameroon. Many people were made aware of this service through the street parties in Douala and Yaounde. We  can also find many adverts in the streets regarding this service.  It is still a big debate on Social media if this is real.It is real in Cameroon.We have to accept the reality and face it. Today, i will be bringing to you what MTN Cameroon has for you if you are connected to its 4G network.

According to MTN, you have to swap your swim card to get the 4G Turbo sim card in order to benefit from the 4G service. This is your 4G sim card.
With this 4G  sim card, you will have  4GB internet connection
  What next after the sim swap?
 Once you get your you sim, you can decide to get a glimpse of the latest  technology by buying a 4G phone or you simply continue using your sim card. You sim will continue to work normally on your 2G OR 3G phone n but you will not be able to get access to THE 4G LTE network .
MTN being aware of the economy of our country , in its efforts to reach the mass with the best services,

MTN Smart Mini L860
 A 4G phone is  now available at all MTN agencies and some of its partners in the country at the cost of 57,900 FCFA.  You can use the phone even with your old sim.
Basic specification of MTN  smart Mini L860   4G Phone
 The phone has the following Properties
 Dual sim cards. 
Operating system : Android 5.1
Processor: 1.0 GHz quad core processor 
 Camera: 2.0 MP FRONT CAMERA AND 5.0 MP rear Camera 
Baterry: 2100mAh battery
Supported Networks: 2G/3G/4G
     It is important to note that ,  The MTN Mini  S620 smart phone is still available for those who want to stick to 3G .Everyday is  Christmas at MTN.
   In a nut shell,
MTN TURBO SIM +smart Mini L860(Or any other 4G phone) =4G Access. 
This how you can get connected to the new world of MTN Cameroon.

 .It is indeed a wonderful Christmas with this company. This year is a very important  for MTN Cameroon. This same year, the 3G network was launched, MTN   S620 smart  phones were sold in the market at 29,900 FCFA, Early in November smart phones were offered  for 14900 FCFA. It is indeed a big year for the company with the 10.4 million subscribers.  The surprises seem to be exhausted.
What will be the next offer by MTN Cameroon?
 Check out my next post on 4G internet Tariffs.
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