MTN and Orange lately had all been claiming to be the first 4G operators in Cameroon.It had been a topic for debate on social media as who is the first or second   and if the claim is it true or false.  With alot of arguments, i decided to do a little research on what 4G is all about. Here is the little i got. What differentiate one network generation from another is the speed and some other factors. It all started with 1G . As the technology advanced  we had 2G devices. This has evolve upto 5G as of now

What is a 4G network?
4G technology refers to the fourth generation of mobile phone communication standards.  This technology is an advanced technology.
International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced (IMT-Advanced Standard)
The ITU has developed requirements for a technology to be considered IMT-Advanced.  some of this requirements include
  • The technology should be based on an all-IP packet switched network
  • Peak data rates of up to approximately 100 Mbit/s for high mobility such as mobile access and up to approximately 1 Gbps for low mobility such as nomadic/local wireless access, according to the ITU requirements
  • Dynamically share and use the network resources to support more simultaneous users per cell
  • Scalable channel bandwidth 5–20 MHz, optionally up to 40 MHz
  • Peak link spectral efficiency of 15 bit/s/Hz in the downlink, and 6.75 bit/s/Hz in the uplink (meaning that 1 Gbps in the downlink should be possible over less than 67 MHz bandwidth)
  • System spectral efficiency of up to 3 bit/s/Hz/cell in the down link and 2.25 bit/s/Hz/cell for indoor usage
  • Smooth handovers across heterogeneous networks
  • Ability to offer high quality of service for next generation multimedia  suppor(Wikipedia)                                                                                                                 This should be the characteristics of the technology provided by  MTN and Orange  Cameroon since they can provide 4G services.
This probably answer the question ,what are some of the characteristics of  a 4G network?
    So MTN Cameroon mentioned something like 4G LTE 
The obvious question should be  ; 
what is the meaning of 4G LTE? 
4G stands for fourth generation technology while  the LTE stands for Long term Evolution .
This is one of the fastest technology in the world. Many countries in the world are not using this technology according to The percentage usage in North America stands at about 51 percent. 
Chat showing 4G LTE usage in the world    Source

The advancement in 4 G will give rise to 5G networks. Have you tried the 4G services of MTN or Orange Cameroon?  How was it?

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