Many Cameroonians leaving abroad are commonly challenged with the best and secure ways to send money to Africa (Cameroon).  In this post, we are going to see some very common ways you can send money to Cameroon and your receiver will be able to pick it up in some few minutes after confirmation.  In one of our post we equally did a post on 5 Ways TO Send Money Online To Cameroon.
As an online marketer in Cameroon, i have encounter clients who always ask me the question , ''how do i  send money to Cameroon''. I have as well met some Cameroonians who  asked the question '' How can we receive money in Cameroon?''.
In this post, i will share with you some of the ways which money can be sent/received online in Cameroon.

Western Union

Western union allows you receive payments through a credit card from the following countries;

Australia, Austria,Belgium ,Canada,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Ireland.Italy, Luxembourg,Netherlands,Ne Zealand,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,United Kingdom, and United states.
In order to receive money, the sender needs to know your name

The first way to receive is by giving all necessary details to your sender. Name, country, Phone number, closest agent and any other thing he/she might request. Once your sender is done with the transaction, you will need to get the tracking number from him in order to receive the payments.
  Alternatively, you can also receive western union transfer directly into your bank account.

   For the moment Cameroonians cannot receive money on their phones via western union.

One of the easiest way to do online  transfers with your credit card is by using, money gram  money gram permits you to send/receive money in a wide range of countries . You can receive money in person or in your bank account.Sender must have a bank account or credit crad in order to do online payments.
 Even though Afrikpay does not actually allow payment from non-Afrikapay subscribers, if you trust your client, you can request his/her Afrik pay account. Once you access his account, select recharge with Visa ,master car etc and enter the required details.

You can receive world remit payments in Cameroon through bank accounts   or at any agent/pick up location. You can also receive mobile money or airtime with world remit.  You can tell your client/family/friend to pay you with credit card using world remit.

Small World
 Small world is another online platform very similar  world remit that allows you to receive payment in Cameroon. This payment method can be received through express union one of the best money transfer companies in Cameroon.You can either opt in to pick up your cash in person or receive the payment directly in your bank account.

     For the moment. these are the main methods by which money can be sent to Cameroon online. Pay pal transfers cannot be done to Cameroon. Other sites that offer money transfer to Cameroon include RIA money transfer ,, ,MoneyLineUK and Emoneysende
      If you don't want to receive money from these sites, you  can consider receiving the money  in digital form such as STP, perfect money,bitcoins and others. Note that you will need  to create and verify your account, in order to make better and successful transactions.  Once you have the money in your account, you can do withdrawal or sell to those who need to use them online.
It still seem challenging though given the rates and other inconveniences.

MTN mobile money can be a great way forward if they start accepting online payments as they have done in countries like Benin,Uganda,Liberia,Ivory Coast,Rwanda and Zambia.

While waiting for better ways. let us make sure we do safe transaction online.
have you ever sent money to Cameroon ? which method did you use?

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