The excitement continues in the towns of Douala, Bamenda,Yaounde and Buea as they are privileged to get access to 4G LTE internet services. There is improved connection, faster download  and more with a 4G connection. In my Last post i explained what it takes to benefit from the MTN 4G LTE service. The two main things i pointed out were the MTN Turbo sim card and a 4G phone or modem. In this post we are going to see 4G MTN internet settings ,the access code for the different internet bundles , the cost of MTN 4G internet and amount of data available for  a given amount.

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         After getting your sim and phone, you might not be able t have internet access. This can be either because the phone is not properly configures or because you don't know the best options to get 4G data.
 Internet Settings for  MTN 4G LTE  
The internet settings we have are for 4G LTE settings are  for Android phones as of now.  Feel free to share with us if you know how to set up 4G internet for iOs
=== Go to your phone Menu and click on Apps.
====Click on settings and select More Networks from the connection tab.
===Click on Mobile Network and then Network mode
===Tap LTE/WCDMA to enable 4G LTE settings and tap OK.
 Your device is ready and you can start enjoying 4G services. You can use pay as you go browsing or consider purchasing a bundle which we will discover next.
                     MTN 4G LTE internet Bundles
The access code is *157#. 
after dialing this USSD code, you will be taken to a menu . Follow the steps below to proceed if you are face with any challenges/problem of choice;
Reply with 1 if you want 5OMB of  data two hours internet at 5o CFA. 
Reply with 2 if you want  600 MB at 1000 FCFA. This option is valid for three days.
You can also reply with 3 if you need 30GB of data.This will cost 10,000 FCFA and is valid for 30days.
      These are the basic bundles. You can also make the choice between
daily, week and monthly subscriptions on this menu. This can be done by selecting option 4,5 and 6 respectively. Just make sure the internet code you choose should be able to meet your needs and make your browsing with MTN Cameroon great. Enjoy MTN 4G LTE services. Feel free to share your experience.

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