Happy new   year  to you all. The last three months   had been a very busy one on our ransbiz.com . Despite the many challenges we had, we have made great improvements as far as our site is concern.
Many thanks to all those who made contributions to our site. We are very grateful for all those who made. Thanks to Mr Musongwe for his making a financial donation to the growth of our blog. We got a lot of moral support from people all over the world. We will talk more about those who made a contribution to our content. We had ten writers whose post featured on our blog from October to December.  The top four we selected were the post from.

1.     Andy:  

Nine Chinese Smartphones That are Tops for 2015-Chinese smart phones To check out

2.     Sean wayne Kingston:

  How to Show Hidden files on A USB /external Device Without Using a software

3.     www.91mobiles.com :

Lenovo Vibe S1 Vs Lenovo Vibe P1 -Which one is Better?

4.     www.latestone.com

How your power bank works-Discover the major types of a power Bank


20 Advantages-Benefits Drinking of KANGEN WATER Offered by E-commerce network Cameroon

Social media Growth
We experience a growth in our Facebook and twitter accounts.  Our growth in twitter is compared to Facebook.
TOP  three post in the last three months included:

What Cameroonians benefited most from our blog
The traffic we got from Cameroon during this period was from post related to mobile internet configuration and affiliate marketing. RANSBIZ thus educated many Cameroonians on affiliate marketing as well as provided a helping hand to the telephony companies by teaching subscribers how to set up internet on their mobile phones.
Top Five Countries that contributed to our blogs traffic.
1.       USA
2.       Cameroon
3.       India
4.       Israel
5.       Russia
We are looking forward to get more readers from Africa in 2016.

We were able to make contributions to site like
www.healthplero.blogspot.com (Designing and  lead generation)
www.camerdream.blogspot.com (designing, list building and more)
www.5careers.com (consulting services)
www.ngondopages.cm (Article marketing)

How did we make money?
Many had been asking me the question, how do you make money from your blog?
Here are some of the ways we made money from our blog.
-Bulk sms marketing
-sales of bia visa card.
-blog designing
-Business reviews
-Online advertisements and
We are looking forward to  share affiliate links on our blog this year.
Thank you for reading. We will be glad to get your contribution on how to improve our services, blog, activities and any other thing .We count on your usual support and promise to give you the best in 2016. Happy New Year .

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  1. Wishing Ransbiz the best for 2016 and all the years to come. Thanks for designing Health Pleromana and for your contributions to making the site work. Remain blessed

    1. Thank you very much. All the best to your work and site

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