Hey guys , I’m back with a new tip. do you have a USB device or any storage device even in your computer(just like a folder with missing files) containing files you can’t see meanwhile you know they are in there hiding? Then in this quick tutorial I’ll tell you more about recovering them.
 The  first thing To Be Done Is To Verify the Space Occupied By The Folder.

Its Just Like Incredible. The File Is Empty But Still occupies 76Mbs.
This may usually be due to some settings by the user like hiding files with windows.

(On Windows Xp It may be Different To Access the View Settings.

Where this could be solved by ticking the ‘hidden items button’.  but sometimes this may be caused by our regular guys ‘viruses’.
So in this case we shall proceed as follows:
i hope you all remember our buddy ‘command prompt, aka cmd so we open it.
we look for the directory using some dos commands.(for curiosity you guys can go out looking at ms-dos commands or for those on xp or 8 or …, you can type directly in the prompt ‘help’

Let us consider the example in your screen shot where our target folder is ''Test Folder''

Now We Type In This Magic Command Attribute.
‘’attrib –s –h –r /s /d’’
 Remember It For It Could Save your Life


It’s done. Wherever the hidden files you will recover it.
There are some many other types of commands with different utilities, let’s not be in a haste.
PS: for lazy dudes. Some software equally views these virus-hidden files like WinRAR.
See you next time

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  1. Wow Ransom, This tip is very handy especially for cmd lovers like me. The command prompt is the best interface to get intimate with the computer yet many shy away from it.

    1. Hello, King. Thanks for your comment. Would you mind sharing with us what you can do with cmd?


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