Hello to all ransbizsms bulk sms users. Ive received some questions on how to use the bulk sms system. Below are the answers to all the questions Ive received so far.
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 Let gets started with the frequently ask quetsions.
1. How many characters can I send in   a single sms?
Our platform supports 160 characters for text.
2. Can i send concatenated messages?
 Yes, our system does this automatically. Your messages, will always arrive as a single sms.
3. which networks in Cameroon can i send bulk sms?
 Our system sends sms to all mobile networks.
4. Can i send Bulk sms to other countries?
Our system can work with other networks in more than 50 countries including USA.
5. Can i sent bulk sms to Camtel and nexttel numbers in Cameroon?
 Yes, that i what makes our system unique.
6. How many types of messages can i send with the ransbizsms system?
Our system supports text,unicode,flash , unicode flash,wap push and arabic.

7. How many characters can i use for the senders name?
The senders name can either be in alpha numeric or numeric
i.For numeric, the system allows you to use up to 18 charters.
An example is the of a numeric senders name is the ''8080'' message used by express union Cameroon,8711 used by twitter and others.
ii. For alpha numeric, the system can take up to 11 characters for the user name.
You can send sms with your company name. Make sure it is very simple.
Instead of using senders name like '' Orange Cameroon''  using Orange makes it better. or Orangecam.

8. How do i enter a number?
Type the country code before the number.
i. Don't use + or 00.
here are some correct examples.
9.  enable special sign like ;'=-;; and others to appear in my messages.
Select message type as unicode==>Click on edit unicode in the message space ==>type(or paste) your message for automatic translation. when you are done click import and everything is done.
10. what is the cost per sms?
 Our prizes are negotiable depending on the quantity and frequency.
11. How can i add contacts?
when you sign into your account. Click on address book and then click on;
i.Group  if you have the names and numbers of people in a particular group or organization.
ii. Distribution list if you have a numbers with no name.
You can add the numbers manually or import them from an excel file or notepad.
12. How do i save numbers to be uploaded?

To upload numbers to a distribution list or group , use
 .csv(excell) format or .txt format(word ,notepad etc)
i. when using notepad or some other editor, make sure the names are separated from the number by a comma.
e.g Aran,237698827699
ii. when using excel, save the file containing name and number as .csv(comma delimited) .
 Feel free to contact us if you need assistance.
13. why are some messages not delivered?
Here are the four main reasons.
i. The number can be out of network
ii. The phone can be switched off.
iii.The number was not saved in the valid format.
iv. the number is invalid.
14. How  can i check my balance?
To check your balance, simply click on Report.
15. How do i know if my message had been delivered?
     Go to ''Job management'' . All messages delivered will be marked as  completed.

16. Do i need internet connection?
Yes, you need internet connection to use our services.

   Our bulk sms system is one of the best sms plat form in Cameroon. While thinking of bulk sms Cameroon, think of creating a free account with us.
 For other questions send them to ransbiznet@gmail.com .
 To create sms account, go to sms.ransbiz.com

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