1. Verify account with a number on another phone(Chat on whats app only)
Sometimes we might not want to display our numbers on our whats app profiles.You might want to do  this because:
-You dont want to get annoying text messages when offline from whatsapp friends
-You want to restrict chat with friends on whatsapp only
-You dont want calls on their mobile phones from whatsapp friends. among others
-You dont want everyone with their numbers to find.
If you are in Cameroon, switching between nexttel and MTN can  be wonderful with this whatsapp trick.
This is how you can go about it.
Method 1.
download whats app
===>when prompted to verify phone number, input any active phone number you desire and the verification message will be sent to that number.
You might see verification fail .
==>Forward the message to the phone on which you want to use whatsapp.
==>Click on the activation link and that's it !!!.

Method 2.
This method will not work all the time but it is worth trying. Just follow these instructions;
Insert  a desired sim into your mobile phone====>Download and install whatsaap==>Verify account====>insert your personal sim card into the phone.
You can now chat ,share pictures and more without exposing your phone number to all everyone.
2.    Use whatsapp on Your Pc 

Sometimes it is boring to be switching between phone and PC . You can make everything sweet by using whatsapp on your pc. You can use whatsapp on Pc in two ways:
Method 1
====>Download bluestack app player==>install the sotware on your PC==> sign into google play
====> search and install whatsapp==>Verify account and start chatting right on your PC.
 For more information about Blue stacks appp Click here 

Use your Computer as your android phone ,thanks to BlueStacks App Player

Method 2.
===>Go to web.whatsapp.com===> A page with will be displayed with a QR code.
===> Open whats app and  click on the three vertical dots at the top right (Android and windows)==>Click on WhatsApp web===> scan the code on your PC
===>You will be signed in on your pc automatically.
       To sign out, ==>Click on the three dots after your profile picture(let top) ==>click on log out .
Enjoy the experience. Method 2 is my best . have you tried any? Ok, i will like to know which is best for you.
3 . Change default  whats app wallpaper.( Customize your chat back ground with a wall paper)

The default whatsapp wallpaper(back ground image) is  as seen on the screen shot below.
You can customize it to any image of your choice.
To do this,
==>Open whatsapp==>Open a chat==>click on menu(the three dots at the top right)==>select wallpaper.
  If you have the image on your phone, click on documents.
 If you want to get whatsapp wallpapers,click on whats app and download them.
 You can always come back to select default or change your wall paper.
4.  Mute group  Notifications
If you want to stay away from thousands of notification from your group, you can choose to mute notifications and get them when you want.To do this;
Go to the group==>Click on the group name at the top==>Click on Mute ==>Select the duration you wantbto mute group.
Stay safe and free from notifications. 
weeee !!!!
5.  Enable whatsapp Sharing on your blog/website.
If you are a blogger or a website owner who wants to include whatsapp sharing on your site. You can try this.
 To to this;
 Go to shareaholic.com===> create and account===>select only whatsapp for social buttons.
This should be if you already have social sharing buttons on your site.
 If you want more sharing buttons like Facebook,twitter and others, you can select , but make sure you include whats app sharing .
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