Sometimes we might not like to use our android phone to access our favourite apps ; We might be thinking on how to get access to our favourite apps on our phones given we spend most of the time on our pc. You might also just want to experience the new technology as i love doing. Ok let us see how we can access our favourite apps on our pc.

      The Blue Stacks App Player is free software that was developed by the American tech company (Blue Stack) to help users to access Android applications on Windows and Macintosh computers.  Today, the app player is used on windows pc only. Support for Mac computers was officially dropped in 2014. The software had been around since October 2011.

Why you  need to use Blue Stack
Just one account to access your apps in the play store.
Access, download and management of  apps is very easy.
Good loading time with little or no error and easy to control
 No effect on computer performance  .
This app player is  a  world on its own on your pc.
A computer with the following characteristics
1 GB RAM minimum
Pentium 4 or Dual Core.
At least 15 MB Hard drive space
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
   DOWNLOAD  the app player for free at (copy and paste the link below on a new tap)

2.      Install BlueStacks App Player   and follow the instructions.

3.     Launch the application on your computer and sign in to play store with an existing account or create one. Note that you might face some difficulties if your connection is slow. Just 2 to 3 trials will make everything  ok. 
4. What next?
      You are ready to enjoy you favourite apps and games on your PC. 


      For user with windows 8 and above, you can always check your downloaded apps on your destop by clicking the app icon as on the screen shot.

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