After my last post, I got alot of emails regarding the use of whatsapp. Today i will provide ten answers people are asking about whatsApp.  WhatsApp is a messaging app for smart phones and tablets used by over 1billion users. Today the app can be used on computer and wide range of  operating systems over the world.

1. Can i install whats app on my phone?
 WhatsApp can be installed on android phones,windows phone,nokia sysmbia,black berry and windows phone. If your phone uses any of the operating systems above, then i will say a big YES.
If it is not i wont say no completely. I did installed whatsapp on NOKIA ASHA 501 which is a java phone.
 So visit and  try to download the app. If your phone is not compatible, you will be notified.
2. How do i add contacts to whatsapp?
 Whatsapp  automatically reads your phone book .
-Type phone number into your address book and refresh whatsapp OR
-Open whatsApp==>Click on the + on the top left and that is it.
Always remember to refresh for all contacts to be updated.
3.How do i set up a profile picture?
Click the three vertical dots on the top right==>Click on profile==>Add profile picture.
To change profile picture,
Click the three vertical dots on the top right==>Click on profile==>Click on the pencil icon displayed on the picture(Bottom right of your profile picture).
4. why are all numbers in my phonebook not displaying on my whatsapp contact list?
If a number on your phone book is not on your list , then one of the two reasons below might apply.
-The contact is in is not using Whatsapp messenger.
-The number had been input wrongly.
Foreign numbers should be added with a +sign before the country's   code.  For example
+2377xxxxxx for a contact in Cameroon.
Always make sure you are using the latest version.
Also ensure you have Show all contacts enable
5. How do i find a phone number someone sent in a group chat? 
-You can take the pain to scroll till you see the number.
-Alternatively,Go to the menu(Three vertical dots at the top right) when the chat is open==>Click on search and type in the key word or phrase you used in requesting the phone number.
Suggestions: phone number,number and any number from 0 to 9.
If you want to search other topics just type in a suitable keyword

6. Can i make my font size larger for visibility?
 Yes, you can. To do this,
Go to menu==>Click on Chat and Calls==>Click on Font size and select small,medium or large.
7. How can  i enable my enter key to send messages?
Go to menu==>Select Enter is Send.
8. I received an email to pay 50 dollars for the latest version of whatsapp, please can you help me?
Downloading whatsapp is free.
The email might be a scam email.
Using Whatsapp is free for the first one year and cost 0.99 dollars(About 598 FCFA , Cameroon currency) per year after your free trial has expired.You can only pay for renewals the and not for downloads.
Payment can be done with google wallet or on a payment URL at your request.
To pay, Go to Menu==>Settings==>Account==>Payment info
9.How can i create a whatsapp group?
Open whatsApp==>click on menu==>Click New group.

10. How can i use whatsapp on my computer?
You can use whatsapp on the web by scanning the whatsapp QR code on with your phone or by using an app player like Blue stack
11. Must my phone be connected on the internet for me to use whatsapp on pc?
 Yes, your phone must be connected. If your phone  is not connected  you will see a notification in orange at the top left
12. how can i select some received text message for forwarding ?
Open the chat==>Tap and hold on for a few seconds ,the message will be highlighted.
Then Click on the right (=>)arrow at the top right to forward. select the contact you wish to forward to and stay happy !!
13.What is the meaning of '' last seen ''?
Last seen on  a chat shows the time the user was connected.
This status is not always accurate. Avoid relying on it.

14. If a Whatsapp message has two ticks next to it, has it definitely been delivered to their phone? 
Yes, two ticks means  the message had been delivered.

15. People are monitoring me on whatsapp to know when i was  on the internet. Can you help?
 You can disable last seen.To do this,
Go to menu==>Settings===>Account===>Privacy===>Last seen.
You can choose Everyone, your contacts or Nobody.
16.What is the meaning of the ticks and alarm sign?
 When you send a message on whatsapp you can see one of the following:
This shows your message has not been sent. This happens when there is no internet connection on your device.

This indicates your message had been sent.

The double tick in blue shows your message had been read.
If you see the double tick but not in blue, it means your message had been delivered but not read.

17. Must i download whatsapp on Google Play store?
No. Google play store is a store for android apps.   Whatsapp works for most smart phones including iphones. It is better to go to for download if you are doubting anything.

18. What if i dont want to communicate on whatsapp for a week Only?
-You can lock the app with a third party App  fpr one week or,
-uninstall the app .

19.How much does it cost to make calls on whatsapp?
All you need to make a whatsapp call is internet connection.
This app is  not like skype that can be used to call phone numbers. You can use the whats app call feature if and only if the person you want to call has the app installed.

20. What other questions do you have about whatsapp? Comment with your question.

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