Creating an e-wallet account is free.  Three things should be handy.
-Credit card
-email address
-ID card or passport 

                                                    Note that requirements may vary depending on the website you will use to create you account .
What next?
Login to a site like   or any other  site that uses e-wallet as an alternative payment
Enter all the information needed to apply for  an e-wallet account.
-Approval of account takes a maximum of 24hours.
Once approval is made, then you can go further to Link and verify your account with a credit card.

Linking a credit card
1.   Sign into your E-wallet and click on “My Account”
2.   Click on “Credit Cards” to link your card.
3.    Click the “Add New Account” button.
4.    Fill out your billing and card information.

How do i verify my E-wallet Account?
After linking your credit card, A small amount will be deducted from your account as part of the verification process. This is to ensure that you are the real owner of the credit card.                          
This money will be deposited into your account once the verification is over, It usually take five days.
After confirming you are the credit card owner, a verification number will be sent which will appear in your bank statement                                              This is the number that will be used in activating the account.
Lastly(Verification in three Steps)
sign in into you e-wallet account and
click on Credit Card Accounts.                                      
Click on unverified
This marks the end of the verification process . You can now use your e-wallet account to  make and receive payments.
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