This week  we will be discovering the different  electronic money options available to you with a credit card like the BIA interantional VISA card.

What is  E-WALLET ?
            The E-wallet is an electronic wallet that allows you to make deposits , withdrawals  and payments on the internet at a lower cost . sites like Wealth4allteam or altimatepowerProfit are well noticed for the use of       e-wallet. This account is a prepaid account. It allows you to buy without a credit card .
 You can do online payments with E-wallet. Here are some transactions to note.
Receive from Solidtrustpay ,
Receive from bank accounts,
Received from one E-wallet account to yours accounts to accounts,
Receive from credit cards etc

NB: Withdrawals are also done by the same methods and are less expensive.     
     Note that It is economical to recharge your account by buying and receiving from account to accounts at $0.25 charge up to $5000.

The cost of using Ewallet is cheaper than STP and PAYZA.
àOpening  an 

  E-wallet account is free.                                                                                                          It is used world wide
 It can be used to cash out at local banks that accepts e-wallet
                         Receiving Incoming Wire Transfer to Your e-Wallet account is free.
  No need to enter credit card details when doing a transaction
           There is no minimum amount to deposit for sites that accept e-wallet payments.                                                                                                               No maintenance fees.
Does not allow transaction from pay pal and other e-money websites
      It is  not accepted on all websites that accept electronic money
 Revealed passwords can lead to theft.
     There is no facility of refund; the amount is only redeemable against a purchase.

Where can i use E-wallet?
-Bingo & lottery
-Betting  web sites like Paris sportif
-Buy VOIP-communications credit
-Subscriptions to affiliate programs
-Donate to charity organisation
-Play online poker-casino
-Pay flight tickets
-Shop online
-Grocery stores like Big Basket etc.
  What is your favorite online payment method? Have you ever used e-wallet?

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