Orange Internet on mobile Devices

  Orange Cameroon internet services are gaining popularity in Cameroon . The most important innovation is the live updates regarding your consumption and data available.This is why every internet user should know  how to set up internet to work on your device using Orange access point(Apn). Orange internet settings are very similar to any other other internet setting.The most important things to know are the apn,IP ,and proxy in some case.
     . There are three ways to set up internet with Orange CM.
Method one
Manual configuration with IP and proxy.
èEnter into your phone menu and select on internet.       (This will vary depending on your phone. it might be an icon or not.)
èThen click on the internet icon and select internet settings
The following information will be needed
Access point:  Orangecmgprs
User name: Orange
Password: Orange
Network  type. Select HTTP and enter the following IP and proxy
Proxy: 8080
Atfter entering all the information above make sure you select save. After saving launch you internet phone browser and enjoy. Happy surfing

Method 2
Set up Orange Internt   sending an SMS to 932
==>Go to the messages on your menu, click on create new message and type   ‘’orange’’ .
==>Next click send and type the number 932.
==>A configuration message will be sent to your mobile phone. 
==>Enter  0000  if a code/password is requested.
Happy surfing

Method three
Configuring Orange internet on the Web (Web configuration)
   Orange Cameroon offers web access to internet settings .  To access this service , Visit   and enter your mobile phone number.
   After  submitting your number, you will receive a message to confirm your request. (If any password is requested, enter     ‘’0000’’ i.e zero four times.

There is also a  post for you  on this blog if you want to set up Internet for an android  Device.
           These are the best methods we have for configuring internet with Orange Cameroon. For other settings, you can search our blog or leave a comment.

Enjoy internet with ORANGE Cameroon.
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