The android operating system is one of the most popular mobile phone operating systems used by  millions of people all over the world with millions of  apps and software to give your phone a new look.Mobile internet in Cameroon is at the top since more than 10 million Cameroonians have mobile phones.Internet settings on an android device are very easy. You don't need to  Internet proxy and Port   Numbers to get connected. The Apn is the major need when it comes to setting up your internet connection any ISP such as MTN, Orange and Nexttel on an android device.
An android device is ''incomplete'' without internet connection. Here is how to set up internet connection on your  android mobile phone for the three main mobile operators in Cameroon.

Go tp phone Menu==> select settings and Click on More
Select ''Mobile networks'' ==> Tab''Access Point Names'' Click + sign at the top and enter the following settings:

==>MTN CAMEROON Internet Settings for Android
APN: mtnwap


 ==>NEXTTEL Internet Settings for Android
Name: nexttel
APN: n-internet trying things you can try the apn ; n-connect.
If you like

 ORANGE CAMEROON Internet Settings for Android
user name:orange
password: orange
NB: write orange not ''Orange'' or ORANGE''

 After entering the above settings, you can now browse the internet and enjoy the ''Android Experience''
 If it is not working then Click the links below :

For Nexttel:Read configuring internet with Nexttel Cameroon here

For MTN Cameroon:  Read Configuring MTN internet on mobile devices here

For Orange  Cameroon:  Read Configuring Orange Cameroon internet mobile Devices here

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