MTN Cameroon Internet Settings

Configuring MTN
internet on mobile devices
    Method one
Usually once you insert an MTN sim card
into a multimedia phone, ipads, androids etc a configuration message is
automatically sent into your message inbox . Three messages are
sent consecutively. The second message is the one you will save.
After saving this message all you have to do is launch your phone
browser and surf the internet.
If the above does not work for you, here is

how to set up MTN Cameroon Internet On Mobile Devices.

Just follow the following steps
1.   Enter into your
phone menu and select on internet . ( This will vary depending on your
phone. it might be an icon or not.)
2.   Then  click on
the internet icon and select internet settings
The following information will be needed
Access point:  mtnwap
User name: mtnuser
Password: mtnuser
Network  type. Select HTTP and enter the
following IP and proxy
proxy) o:
: 8080
Homepage: I prefer  because
it is always free to access. You can choose yours e.g
Atfter entering all the information
above make sure you select save. After saving launch you internet phone
browser and enjoy. Happy surfing
If you cannot
configure using 1 and 2 ., the last option is to called 7123 and
request for configuration of internet  You can also called 7126.
Mtn Mobile internet packages
After configuring the
internet on your phone you  will probably need the best and
cheapest options available for browsing , ok . MTN has a mobile package
which is as follows
as you go
With this option you just need to recharge you sim card and
browse.  I am not sure of the exact cost per hour . it is
Bundle(Interner D)
:   The daily bundle
is a package that allow you to have access to the internet for 24hours.
To access this package dial   *147*1#.   As of now
this package cost 350FCFA
Bundle(Internet W)
: This package give you access
to the internet for one week(7days)   access code is
Monthly Bundle   (Internet M) : This package give you
access to the internet  for one month. Access code
is *147*3# .
To verify the number of
megabytes  available dial   *147*9#   after
selecting a package.
  Happy browsing with MTN.

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  1. Thank you for your help , it worked for me . But I would like to correct something :
    Proxy: 8080 , it should be Port :8080 and IP: , it should be Proxy: .
    Thanks again for your post.

    1. Thank you so much for the correction.Good to know it worked for you.

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