Evolution and Use of internet In Cameroon
The internet in the world started in August 1962 with a series of memos written by J.C.R. Licklider MIT   on his Galactic Network. This concept in can be compared with the internet world of today.  We have names like ARPANET   which are worth noting as far as the internet is concern. We have good information about internet in the world online.  Internet users and marketers in the world and in Cameroon today always get online to check what is happening with the internet penetration and connectivity of Camerooninas at the end of every year.   My post will focus on Evolution and use of the internet in Cameroon.
The use of the internet in Cameroon started in 1996 (The year of internet connectivity in Africa).  
Back in the year 2000 (  20, 000 and a population of 16,853,500) .I remember this very popular cyber in Bamenda called DEPTA Computers. You just can’t imagine how things were at this time.
-1 hour of internet connection cost 1000 FRS (about1.8 dollars)
-Creating an email with yahoo cost 1000 - 2500 FRS depending on the cyber and your level of computer literacy. This was the first time I heard about Google.
- VOIP calls were at 500frs per minutes.
                 This is the end of 2013 and the start of 2014.  The population stands at 21,994 Million while 3.84% are internet user.  The number of Face book users stands at about  582,480. From this we see that the percentage penetration is about 4 percent from 2000 to 2013.  
-      Internet cost ranges from  200frs to 500frs per hour
-      Creating an email cost nothing. You just need to pay for your time
-      We have VoIP calls as low as 25frs per minutes.
This looks great but the results are not satisfactory. From this we see that the percentage penetration is about 4 percent from 2000 to 2013.  

                 Why is there a slow penetration of internet usage in Cameroon?
-Internet usage is mostly in the urban areas due to the lack of internet access in the interior.
-       The speed of internet connection is very slow.
I remember last week it took me 45minutes to download a 246MB program.
-       Few internet providers . main companies are MTN, Orange and Camtel withCamtel dominating the market. We also have some few companies like Yomee and SNS Mobility making their way into the internet market.
               These companies however have one major thing in common. Their devices are provided by one company. Thus the speeds are not too different. We thus need a second internet provider in Cameroon with different ideas.
      There is an increasing need of internet usage in Cameroon. For example I was in Yabassi  where students in the school of aquatic science cant do research online just because of the lack of internet connection. Imagine a divisional head quarter without a cybercaf√©.

                                                MAJOR PROBLEMS FACED;
  • poor telephone lines, though tremendous efforts are being made to improve underground lines, mostly in big towns;
  • lack of more qualified technicians to run TCP/IP networks.
  • the inadaptability of modems (even when highly sophisticated) to existing computers and software, for example Windows 95 when relating to the PC environment; and
  • The difficulty the average African has in affording a computer, subscribing for a telephone, or having access to information about the Internet. .

    Below are statistics on the usage of internet in the Cameroon from 2000 to December 2012. Population Density is 43 persons per sq km.

Internet Users
% Pen.
GNI p.c.*
Usage Source
0.1 %
US$ 600
2.0 %
US$ 1,010
3.8 %
US$ 1,153
3.9 %
US$ 1,210
5.0 %
US$ 1,170

The Number of facebook subscribers stands at  about
562,480 Facebook .
                           If we look at the number of Cameroonians who are still to use the internet, it suggests that the IT sector is a place of hope in Cameroon. If we can have a good ISP IN Cameroon, then things will boost up in this sector. It has contributed much in the development of many economies like UK, Sweden and USA.
It is thus time for the government and investor to think of extending internet usage in the interior. This will greatly increase the number of internet users and internet connectivity in the country.  It will  also serve a lot and boost development as we can use it in all fields of life.
What do you have to say about the use or evolution of internet in Cameroon?

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