Solid Trust Pay(STP)-what is it all about?
Hello to all . Online transactions are best when you have a separate online account which you can use for payment and withdrawals. Let’s get to discover and learn about this online banking system called Solid Trust Pay(STP)
What is STP?
Founded in 2006 with to help anyone with an email to send and receive email. Solid trust
is an e-banking company that provide excellent E wallet services. The company also provides direct merchant credit card processing account for its entrepreneurs. In addition it also offer financial assistance to its members as well as opportunities to make money. With solid pay your account is active immediately after sign up. Solid pay believes in three philosophies: Sharing Philosophy, Service Philosphy and Safety Philosophy. Thats is what make them unique.

                                How can i deposit or withdraw money?
You can receive money from your STP account through the following methods:
bank wire transfer,
Direct Debit Bank withdrawal,
Visa credit card Payout and
STPay card Payout.

 Depositing money can be done through the following;
Money order
Bank Draft
Bank wire transfer
Direct debit bank deposit
Credit card
debit card
instant bank transfers
  Cameroonians and other African countries can benefit from this service since you can only pay with pay pal .
             What do you benefit as an STP member?
As a member of STP. you will benefit from the following;

To begin with , Your account is not suspended against inactivity for any reason provided you can sign in once per year.
Also, every member benefits from the Emergency funding service. With this service,you can put money or withdraw money under 24hours.
    As an STP Member, you can benefit from the TrustCard VIP Member Program in which you get faster funding, free priority service,total security and control.
     STP offer a service where they can work with a member feel scammed or victimized.STP with the Buyer Protection Services help members to get a refund or reach a recocillation with merchants. Note that this will not work in all situations. However it is a good service
As a member of STP, you can get financial assistance through the Member Care Assistance Program .

     STP offer a service where they can work with a member who feel scammed or victimized.STP through this program help members to get a refund or reach a recocillation. Note that this will not work in all situations. However it is a good service.
STP also offer the opportunity for members to earn through their referal program. You must sign up to participate.
What STP Don't Tolerate.
STP offers services strictly for sending and receiving money. STP immediately terminate you account without notice if a member is found to involve in hacking or any other fraudulent acts.


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