Make sure you are aware of  the Following Before Joining Solid Trust Pay.

1. It is free to open account on STP
2. There is no maintenance fee too on STP

3.It is free to send money to STP members or merchants.

4. It is not free to receive money from a Solid Trust pay member

  The minimum cost per transaction is 1.5 per cent for personal accounts and 3.5 per cent for Micro link accounts.

For example if an STP member want to receive 100 dollars from another STP member, he or she will pay 1.5/100*100=1.5 dollars. Thus 3 dollars if you want to receive 200dollars.

A person with a micro link account will thus pay 3.5 dollars to receive 100 dollars in his/her account.

5. Withdrawal from STP takes 1-11days to be confirmed depending on your account type.

6. Depositing funds takes 1-14 days for confirmation depending on your account type.

7. You can open four basic account types with STP namely : Personal, Business, corporate and Micropayment accounts. You will have to choose the type depending on your need.

8. Your account will remain active if you sign in at least once per year.

9. Members are offered different programs such as the TrustCard VIP Member Program ,Emergency Funding Services, Affiliate programs ,Beneficiary Program and more. All members are not treated equally. You decide on how you want to be treated as an STP member

10. STP offer financial assistance service to all members.

STP website

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