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Facebook is now twitter.MTN Cameroon the number one mobikle company in Cameroon is offering free airtime to all followers of  @ MTNCAMEROON .We hope that after twitter will be google plus  +MTN CAMEROON 

                                   MTN Twitter AIRTIME

This is a camapaign that is aimed at promoting MTN and encouraging followers of the MTN  twitter page

                                  what is it about?

The promotion consists of two activities :1 . Fastest Fingers: Every Tuesday the code of a recharge card worth 5000FCFA will be posted in 3 parts by @ MTNCAMEROON on Twitter. The " follower " that will restore and dial the code first benefit of charging 5000FCFA .2 . Airtime giveaway : Every Friday , you can earn credit 5000FCFA communication through one of these two mechanisms :a. Be the first to answer a question from @ MTNCAMEROON with the hashtag # MTNTwittAirtime correctly.b . Answering a question from @ MTNCamerron and get the most " retweets " between the time of post and 15h .All answers must include the hashtag # MTNTwittAirtime and mention @ MTNCAMEROON to be taken into account.

Once more it is great that MTN is giving a reason to stay online .Hope you all enjoy your twitter airtime from +MTN CAMEROON.

Google plus fans wairing for their turn hopefully.

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  1. I wish I had an answer to that because I'm tired of answering that question. See the link below for more info.



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