Blogs in Cameroon are  in the rise as I discover  new  Cameroonians bloggers  and blogs from Cameroon almost everyday.
 It is always with excitement when I choose a blogging topic related to Cameroon and the web. The use of the Internet in Cameroon is growing even though the penetration rate is slow. 

With the increasing number of Internet users, many Cameroonians are making use of digital technology and the web in fields like education, health, agriculture ,technology and Online entrepreneurship. One of the things that had been silent about Cameroon online is the use of blogs/blogging.  Blogging and blogs in Cameroon are on the rise more than ever.    In a skype chat with Tchassa Kamga a Cameroonians blogger based in Buea Cameroon, he asked
               ”what can you say about the rise in blogging in cameroon? “

We will get straight  into some points that attempt to answer this question. We will equally welcome other comments for the increasing number of blogs or bloggers in Cameroon.

0. The use of facebook
Facebook has contributed greatly to the rise in blogging in Cameroon and the use of the internet as well. The use of Facebook is an eye opener to some ‘’camer’’   bloggers. with about 1.2 billion Facebook users in Africa. Cameroon account for 1.5 million Facebook users ( 17th country in Africa ).  Being part of the top 20 youths are able to get in contact with people from other countries , share experience which probably has kept us thinking  on how to take the decision to start a blog.
Facebook allows friends to share post links and tag people in their post. This feature with the use of groups has serve as an eye opener to those interested in getting to blogging. 
What about the other social Media like twitter, pinterest,  linkedin,Google plus and others  ?
It is rare to see a newbie blogger or Internet user from Cameroon doing it well on these social media. Those that use this media are those we refer to in Cameroon as ‘’ Le connaisseur’’ . 
This keep us to the point that Facebook has play a role in the increasing number of bloggers or blogs in Cameroon. Thanks to features of facebook like link sharing, groups, pages and tagging. 

1. Unemployment
Some Cameroonians have choose blogging today because they have no jobs. It is indeed a wise decision. Unemployment is not something new to Cameroonians today. With this as a problem some people have chosen blogging as a way to keep themselves occupied or to make a living.  It is important to note that this a is a great way to get started with your career without an employer. Brian John Spencer (who studied law and French)  is one of the most popular on the Internet who made success by starting up a blog while unemployed. You can read more about him on ‘’’’. In all Unemployment accounts for the increasing number of blogs in Cameroon.
                    I also wrote a post on how blogging can help the unemployed.
2. Competition
There is competition in every field. As the pro bloggers in Cameroon keep pumping the web with their articles, the young starts read them.  After reading some might just want to challenge ‘’Defi’’ which lead to the creation of another blog. This will keep on  with time giving rise to new blogs. The question that is in my mind is 

  ‘’ How good are these new blogs?’’  .
3. Fame (Seeking for popularity)
We have notices many personal blogs in Cameroon with the names of authors used in domain. Some with excellent content like Enstinemuki’s blog while other are just worth saying ‘’Hein! Another Blog?’’
While other just want to be unique some blogger just want to get online to have their name on the web. Such bloggers are not really successful because they have no reason to blog. However the ‘’camerweb’’ has recorded a plus for such blogs.  This is very common with some gossip and news blogs.
4. Growth in Online entrepreneurship
Online entrepreneurship is one of the best ways people can get some extra cash or make a full living.  Still thinking? Just goggle ‘’ How to make money online in Cameroon’’ you will get thousands of results. These results have pulled many Cameroonians to have a taste of legitimate web money. An effort to get into online entrepreneurship has led to the creation of blogs increasing the number of bloggers in Cameroon.  This has accounted for some new tech blogs, motivational blogs, personal blogs and health blogs. 
5. Availability of Internet connection
Internet connection had been a challenge over the past years. Toady things seem better with the coming of Nexttel and other Internet service providers.  Many families have bought modems, wifi box and other Internet   equipment.   With the availability of an Internet connection the talented Cameroonian will like to make his/her voice heard, which again can end up with another blog from Cameroon.  This is very obvious in any country.  If Internet connection is available, the penetration rate will increase and activities on the Internet will increase (Blogging included).   More Cameroonian blogs will get online as penetration increases.

6.Decrease in prices in computer  
More Cameroonians can blog because Computers and laptops are cheaper today. This makes it affordable even by the average person. Having an   computer device will probably set the owner thinking and as such , a way to get another blog online .
The use of tablets,  smart phones and other mobile devices
Oh yes!!   This is the ‘’android generation’’.   Every Cameroonian with a mobile phone today is capable of using a smart phone.   In the course of exploiting the feature of these devices many has discovered many advantages involve in getting their voice/work known on the internet.  This is can just be another response to  why blogs are increasing in Cameroon’’.
7. Wanting to belong
Every youth wants to belong to the   ‘’latest generation’’.  One activity that people use to tell their story is blogging. This is responsible from bringing additional blogs online.
8. The Role of Nigerian Bloggers
Nigeria is one of the most popular countries on the internet featuring in the top 10 (position 7) countries in the word and Africa (position number 1). Nigerian blogs have set Cameroonians thinking and blogging.  Many Nigerians blogs show up in Google when searched with .   Other blogs like Linda Ikeji’s blog , naijagossip are also very popular on Facebook. This blogs has served as an eye opener to Cameroonians and thus just another Cameroonian blog.  This is one of the reasons for the increasing number of fashion bloggers. 
9. The Role of Tech Starts Ups
From 2014, tech startups are on the rise in Cameroon providing web development services to the public. Previously Cameroonians wishing to get started with blogging are usually faced with the challenge of ‘’ How to start a blog’’ . With the startups   providing consulting services, web designing and online entrepreneurship. This question can be answered very easy and thus just another blog.

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My Final words
It is true we are experiencing an increasing in the number of blogs in Cameroon.  There is a lot that many newbie blogger need to understand. Blogging involves:
i.                    Providing content
ii.                  Appealing users with a good design ( user friendly and mobile friendly sites)
iii.                SEO
iv.               Promotion
v.                 Networking with other bloggers.
vi.               Marketing or making money from your blog (Optional because not every blogger wants to make money).
     This is what makes your blogging career a successful one.


                  Are you a Cameroonian wishing to  become a blogger or  failing with your blogging Career?                    
               Contact me by email with the title E-BOOK To get our  e-book at an exclusive price. It is not free please. 
What can you say about the increasing number of blogs in Cameroon?
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