Back in in secondary I studied unemployment in economics. After going through high school and university it still remains a problem despite the solutions students gave during test scoring 20/20 and receiving excellent comments.    I had been making some cash online and through my personal research, I will be a proposing a solution to unemployment in Cameroon which  is ‘’Blogging’’. It does not apply to all .  it will work  for those who can blog.

 How is this possible? This is just why I choosed the title to this blog post.
 Before we get to the how 
let us answer this question

What is blogging?

Response from Harleena Singh  founder Aha now  : ‘’Blogging is the act of writing in a blog, which is a regularly updated chronological web log of articles written by one or multiple persons known as bloggers, about various topics or events. 

More Chances of employment
 Blogging provides you with the opportunity to get out and show the world what you got. When you choose your niche and people gain confidence in you they will like to know more about you and as a result a possibility of getting a job. This is a great way to get a job isn’t it? You blog has can act like your CV.  Because it talks about you, link to your profiles and much more. It gives the employer a better understanding of the person he/she is going to meet.  Overall having a blog is better than writing 2000 Cvs  to deposit. The blog exposes you to millions. 

Possibility to have a stable Income Online
It no news that people makes money on their blogs. If you look on my blog you can see the various ways which I make money online writing articles.  Even though it is not a day’s  job or a get quick rich scheme you can  be a boss by writing articles.  You can contact me to get a free e-book on ways to make money online blogging.  Some ways include: selling e-books, advertising or even selling your service.  Some services include translation, white paper writing and others. 

A job without qualifications
As a blogger, you can get a job without having the necessary qualifications (Degree).  A company needing a content marketer will easily hire a blogger for their services than someone with a degree in marketing, computer science and other academic qualifications.  This is because the experience you get from blogging in a day is almost worth 3 years of working experience off line.

New skills
Blogging gives you the opportunity to gain new skills.  When you engage in blogging you see that you will discover things like Search engine optimization, social media marketing, and social media optimization, lead generation and marketing automation. This coupled with other skills makes you ready as a digital entrepreneur in addition to knowledge you studied in school. 

Being confident
As we have seen blogging helps you acquire news kills, expose you to the online world. Blogging equally gives you an interntaional exposure . Thus you know you are not limited to local companies or jobs. This gives you more confidence in yourself your work. This happens most especially when you are receiving positive comments on your blog.   Being positive is a great way to get everything right including jobs. One good way to stay confidnet and positive is by  writing articles.

Keeping your spirit up is important
There is no need to sit and become a professional job applicant. Putting your ideas and posting them online keep your memory fresh. This will help you in making errors in the future in case of a job opportunity if you want. 

 Thank you for reading this write up.  I know many people from other countries are reading this post. It works for any unemployed person who is ready to blog.  The post came up as result of the high unemployment rate in my country (Cameroon) .  If you are not ready to blog then you can consider contributing to other blogs, writing articles t blog directories, social media and others. 

What is your say on blogging as a solution to the problem of unemployment?

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