The android operating system has some functionality which we all need to exploit. The android operating system is an open source operating system which allows phone manufactures and developers to modify the source code.  This is why most phones today come with this operating system. You must not be a developer to get the best from you device. You should be able to install app, uninstall apps, add accounts, lock your device among others.    In this post, I will answer some top 9 Questions some android users are asking. Let us begin with;
 1   How to install an app
    Installing an android app from app store is one of the most popular ways to do your app installation.
Search for the app===Click on Download and follow instructions.
To install apps from  other store like Amazon underground app. You need to enable apps from unknown source.  Don’t be scared when the warning message pop up.
2 How to uninstall an app
To uninstall an app, Go to Settings===click on App and click Uninstall.
You can force stop the app in this Menu.
 3   How to remove an account
Let us say, you bought a used phone with some ones account signed in on the Device. You might Want to continue using the phone  as customized by the previous user.  Here are the steps to  follow ;
   ==Go to Settings on your phone Menu
   ==Scroll down and click on the account(You might fine Google and other social media account for  social media apps).
  == Click on the top right Menu (three dots at the top). And tap Remove account.
   In some cases, you will need to click on the second time before carrying out the step above
 If you want to make the phone look new, then perform a reset of the phone
4 How can I Reset my Phone?
As mentioned above, you can reset your phone to make it look new. There are several ways to do this. My favorite way to do this is as follows.
Step one: Switch off your phone
Step two: switch the phone on while pressing the power button+Up/Down Volume button repeatedly.
In some phones it is the Home+ power button and volume +home +power in others.
 Step three: You should see an unusual screen usually with a black back ground and the text in green. Step Four: Select Factory Rest and confirm.
Wait for the deal to be done. This method can be used if you have forgotten your unlock pattern.
                 Alternatively, you can reset your phone from the Menu as 
==Open your device settings
==Rest Factory
==Tap reset device and confirm by selecting ‘’Erase everything’’.
Factory Reset on an Android  Phone

5 How to add an account
After deleting an account or Resetting your phone, you will need to add other account.
Go to setting===Account===Tap add account.
The social media accounts are added when you sign in on the apps. There is no need to add social media accounts by this method.  
6 How to take a screen shot
Here is the simple thing to do;
Press power button+  up  Volume key

How to recover your operating system

7 How to find you missing android device
 Go to and type the key word  ‘’Ring my Phone’’
Sign in and Ring your phone .
You can also use Device Manager  to do this.
     My recommendation is that you should get premium apps like: ‘’Wheres My Droid’’, Seek android or Pre Anti-Theft. These apps will cost about a dollar and can safe your phone from the bad guys or when it is in silent mode.
  Summarily there are three ways to do this. 
a) with Google search
b) Usinge Android Device Manager
c) Using premium apps  .             

8  How to lock your device remotely
You can use device manager or a premium app.
How to use parental function
9. How To   Know if My Battery is good
Some phones run down fast or goes off not because the battery is bad. It can be due to apps  . Here is how to check your battery strength
a)    Use the USSD code   *#*#4636#*#*     to check your batteries health
   How can you help and Android User?
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