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Uganda has joined the battle which Africa is supposed to be fighting ‘’The Battle of the mind’’. Build by Uganda Engineers, Kayoola is the name of the Solar powered electric bus all thanks to Kira Motors. Kayoola is the second car type produce by Kira Motors after  Kira smack which  is a petrol-electric hybrid.

 Kayoola bus was shown to the public at a stadium in Kampala, Uganda. It one of the first project realize in East Africa.  Uganda is located along the equator together with 7 other countries. This should be one of the reasons for the initiation of this project. ‘’Make us of what you have to get what you want’’.

It is important to note that this project had been around for a while. It started back in Makerere University in Uganda. This project featured online in 2011 .The official launching of the car by president Museveni is slated for February 2016. What do we need to know about this bus?

The car has a capacity 204 horse power. The solar capacity is said to be 1320W. The car is an electric car, made for this generation as; it will help in reducing air pollution.  The solar powered car is environmental friendly. 

 The 35 seats bus will be mainly for urban transportation.  The car has up two power banks. These means it is made of of two batteries such that one always serve as a reserve. When one is being used, the other is being charge automatically. The batteries are stored in a stainless steel bank.  The car has a solar panel on the roof which automatically recharge the battery.

 According to the   CEO of Kira motors, Mr Musasizi the car is made of material found in Uganda. Parts ranging from the battery to roofing and other parts are made in Uganda. The welding, assembly, spraying and other work involve in making Kayoola a reality is carried by a team of about 100 engineers all from Uganda.

Kayoola is expected to be in the market by 2018. It will cost 58,000 US dollars. The project is expected to provide about 7,000 employment opportunities to Ugandans by 2018. It will greatly improve transportation as well as protect the environment. It is indeed a project for African especially those around the equator. Ugnadans are very proud of this project as seen by their reactions on social media.

     The KIRA project is a big project which has as an objective to manufacture buses, trucks, SUVs and pickUps. This means we are not done with Kira motors. Which car will be tested next  Kira SUV OR Kira TRUCK?

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