In my last post we saw some of the pros of posting a YouTube video. There exist some cons which we are going to discover.

The first disadvantage is safety. You safety can be a problem, with respect to the content you post on YouTube. The way you comment and interact with other members can. Just be cautious as you can never tell who is actually watching your videos.

Exposing you to online predators. Divulging too much information about yourself is a setback to becoming a ‘’YouTuber’’.   You might have a video content that require you to introduce yourself. But due to the presence of predators, it might just be a means of getting yourself into a mess.

Sometimes your passing on information on you tube can be misinterpreted by viewers and be reported as abusive. This will be considering as a violation of You Tube privacy policy for which you will have penalty to pay.

The advantages of posting a video on YouTube are more compared to the disadvantages. However it is important for you to know the disadvantages as it prepares your mind as a YouTube member and as a risk bearer. Follow the rules and your experience will be a wonderful one posting videos. All you need is a Gmail account to start posting.

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