Cameroonians like people from other part of the world like watching videos you tube. However very few Cameroonians fall among most of the internet users who do more of the watching than posting. Here are some reasons you should create your own you tube videos. Promoting on YouTube is just another great way of improving your online presence be it a business or a public figure.

YouTube is website that allows you to post, watch, and share video content. Owned by Google, the website allows videos of different variety. Today, popular videos on YouTube include how TO videos, comedy skits, music and movies. You might not like the videos you have watched, if this is the case then consider making your own videos and making it be the way you want. Your YouTube name probably will be your brand name, people will watch , subscribe and some will like to know more about your brand, and thus more sales. I did made a promotion of a weight loss product on you tube. The experience was a wonderful one.

Making a YouTube video is relatively easy. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to do so .Camcorders, webcams, mobile phones, I pads, tablets and cameras are some of the devices you can use to make a YouTube video. After making your video, you might consider removing or adding something to it. This too is very easy. Gets a movie editing software like windows movie maker and the job will be wonderfully done. Using editing soft wares greatly improve your videos. However, if you think this is time consuming, then consider meeting a professional to get the job done for you. 

Another  striking reason why Businesses should consider posting a video on YouTube is comes from the comment-like-rate feature of YouTube. This serve as a feedback that you can use to improve on your business, thanks to the positive and negative comments you will get from your viewers worldwide.

The ability to select tags also helps to promote your business/video to those watching related content. This might possibly be a start for making your YouTube sales. Consider uploading a YouTube video and selecting the right tags.

The last thing you should consider posting a video on YouTube is that, your video can be a second source of income in addition to what you get for your business. You can enable content monetization for quality content or join the YouTube partnership program. Mind you with the type of video you post on YouTube. You can get a terrible experience for posting abusive or illegal content on YouTube. So before making your YouTube videos make sure your read the YouTube Privacy policy. Quality videos get quality views.

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