Parameters are explained below, please note that all the parameters (especially message and
url) should be URL-UTF-8 encoded.

username: User name of the SMPP Account
password: Password of the SMPP Account
type: Indicates the type of message.
Values for "type":-
0: Plain Text (GSM 3.38 Character encoding)

dlr: Indicates whether the client wants delivery report for this message
Range of values for "dlr":-
0: No Delivery report required
1: Delivery report required
destination: Mobile Number to which to Send message to (may or may not include a ‘+’ sign),
multiple mobile numbers can be separated by commas (note the comma (',') should be URL
source: The source address that should appear in the message
Max Length of 18 if Only Numeric
Max Length of 11 if Alpha numeric
If you wish plus ('+') should be prefixed to the sender address when the message is displayed
on the cell phone, please prefix the plus sign to your sender address while submitting the message (note the plus sign should be URL encoded). Additional restrictions on this field may be enforced by the SMSC.
message: The message to send (Can be used for 'long' messages, that is, messages longer
than 160 characters for plain text, 140 for flash and 280 for Unicode)For concatenated (long)
messages we will be counting as one message for every 153 characters for plain text and 268
characters for Unicode, as the rest of the characters will be used by the system for packing
extra information for re-assembling the message on the cell phone. In case of WAP Push
(type = 4), this is the text that would appear in the message. Also in the latter case, to send
non-English characters in the message, you only have to directly URL encode them
(using UTF-8 character encoding scheme).
url: If sending a WAP Push message (type=4), this holds the link that you wish to send, for any
other type of message, no value needs to be supplied for this field (if specified will be ignored) .
Just like “message” field, this field should also be URL encoded with UTF-8 character encoding (even for sending non-ASCII domain names).

Error Codes:
1701:Success, Message Submitted Successfully, In this case you will receive
the response 1701||, The message Id can
then be used later to map the delivery reports to this message.
1702:Invalid URL Error, This means that one of the parameters was not
provided or left blank
1703:Invalid value in username or password field
1704:Invalid value in "type" field
1705:Invalid Message
1706:Invalid Destination
1707:Invalid Source (Sender)
1708:Invalid value for "dlr" field
1709:User validation failed
1710:Internal Error
1025:Insufficient Credit
be aborted at that destination and a message will be returned in following format:-
The third and final situation which can arise is the the credits can get exhausted in
the middle of a request being serviced. In case such a situation occurs we will be
aborting the batch on the destination at which we got the “Insufficient_Credit” error,
and a response in the following format will be returned to the client:-
For other details, leave a comment .
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