Corona Virus is here now and Making Money Online had been one of our major topics on . We have to keep this going. Today we are going to see some ways we can make more money during the COVID-19 pandemic that is being spoken of everywhere.
Hello all. Hope you are all safe and sound where you are. Its 2020 and the world has been hit by an infection taking thousands of lives away. I believe we have received enough information to help reduce the spread of this virus and be safe.
As an entrepreneur or an ''online money making machine'' we have to think of how we can bag some dollars during this tough period. Scientist have as major concern to develop drugs for corona virus treatment, Vaccines to prevent us from being infected and in turn will be rewarded in monetary terms.
 Before we begin, let us get the basic education on what the corona virus is.
What is it?
Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a disease which originated in the Chinese market of Wuhan where bats,snakes ,fish and other wild animals are traded. So in all it came in while people were trying to make money offline. Scientist claim the corona virus was transmitted from animals to humans which is now transmitted from humans to humans and is capable of killing many if a drug is not developed. But we should be making money still.

Symptoms of Corona Virus disease

Someone having the corona virus might show following symptoms 2-14 after being exposed. 
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
Complications such as Pneumonia might develop .In advanced cases the patient might have digestion problems or conjunctivitis.
Prevention Against COVID-19
While thinking about Corona Virus and Making Money Online, we need to know how to be safe from it. For the moment there is no vaccine for the disease though some scientist in Israel claim to have developed one. For the moment, the best way to protect yourself is to avoid being exposed to the infection. Thus to be on the safe side,;
*Wash your hands with soap and water after visiting a public place or after coughing or sneezing.
* Use hand sanitizers that contain a minimum percentage of 60% alcohol.
*Don't keep close distances with infected persons.
*Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
Okay hope you enjoyed the lessons and now you re safe. If you are that genius biochemist or pharmacologist, then you can get into the lab and become the next billionaire by developing a vaccine or drug that can cure COVID-19 . If you are not, then let us think how to secure the bags during this period.
So as internet marketers and online entrepreneurs how will you make money during this period where COVID-19 is becoming the main talk online and on TV?

1. Selling Protective Products Against Corona Virus
Respirators ,Gowns, gloves, mask and sanitizers are some of the personal protective equipment being used. In a moment like this if you can have a good supplier of these products, you can become the next amazon ( 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂) or a better version of yourself cash wise.The goal is to secure more bags.
To get started you can choose to do it as a drop shipper or you visit a whole seller or manufacture of any of these equipment around you.
For the moment, the most selling equipment are the face mask and hand sanitizers . However, as a smart entrepreneur your eyes should be up and ready to make the next money move .

2. Creating Platforms that Provide Updates on COVID-19

Many people are curios and wants to be updated with information about the virus . if you think you can meet the competition and stand out with something that the public will need/appreciate then get to work and produce an app or web platform where the world can pay a visit for updates.
While many countries are blocking boarders and encouraging social distancing, the day to day hustle might no pay as usual. However utility bills,phone bills and internet bills still awaits us. So trying to have an alternative method of making money online during this period is very necessary.

*Cryptocurrencies are low in value at the moment i am updating this post after a crash. Picking up some coins and holding might give you some good profits in the nearest future
*Many blogs need content, propose corona pandemic related content to health websites and they might just offer you something that will put extra dollars in your pockets.
While hoping to make the world a better place lets make money while scientist find a solution to this disease. Stay safe and make money online with or without COVID-19. 
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