Ur bio is the first thing people see on yr ig n perfecting it can be challenging. It’s not easy to make an impression in seconds yoo. Anyways,i found some tips on planoly that l believe can help you get a better bio

1) Clickablilty.
Hope y’all know that anything with @,# on ur bio is clickable  so use them to ur advantage. If u have created ur harshtag,drop it on yr bio,if u manage other pages,@ them on ur bio so people could check them out.

2) State ur Focus.
Ur bio should tell viewers exactly who u are,what u do,what problems u can solve. Be as direct as possible. E.g :Works at hysacham,artist,painter n humanitarian. Don’t come n start saying i live in kumba,I’m a professional artist but i don’t use pencil,i paint when I’m hungry n sometimes I’m a humanitarian

3) Optimise ur Profile Picture.
Fam,to be honest,some of ur profile pictures are scary. You should let people see the best of u. No one will click on ur profile without having a glance at ur profile picture. Use high quality headshots,selfies n self portraits. If ur already a big biz,u can use high resolution pics of ur logo😍.

4) Get shoppable.
If u own a shop,let people find the location on ur bio. It’s easy to get persons in ur area using the gram to find u n come by. If u own a site,drop the link on ur bio🤷🏼‍♀️.

5) Set up ur highlights.
I haven’t done this myself but it helps alot in getting people to know u n ur brand better.

Hope this helps
Credits : Ann tang of Btang collection.
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