Entrepreneurship is the new trend. Yes many will say not everyone can be an entrepreneur. Thats true . But everyone need to think like an entrepreneur. You need this mindset to excell. This is the reason why you  are working in the same company but your colleague appear to be making money that you.  There are several gurus out there who are entrepreneurs out there but we decided to look back home (Cameroon)  . there are some ''Unpopular''  Cameroonians that you can learn a lot from them because of their mindset and uniqueness.  This is our opinion. 

1.Rebecca Enonchong

Rebecca Enonchong is multi Award tech entrepreneur  from Cameroon . She is the CEO of Apps Tech . She has served in many tech companies and tech projects in African .

she  is the cofounder  of I/O Spaces, Board Chair of Afrilabs Foundation. Board Chair at Active Spaces,Cofounder and Treasurer of African Business Angel Network (ABAN), Vice president of ABAN,Advisory Board Member at VC4Africa, she is the board member of Eneza Education in Kenya, she is the board member IAMTHECODE in UK, Founding and Board memebr of Digital Africa,she  had equally served as the board member of SalesForce,she  had equally served as the board member of Ovamba, she  had equally served as  a consultant at Orace ,she  had equally served as  a consultant at Inter-American Development Bank among others. 

Rebecca Enonchong is founder and Chief Executive Officer of AppsTech, a leading global provider of enterprise application solutions. She is also cofounder of I/O Spaces, an inclusive coworking space in the Washington DC metro area.

She is cofounder of Cameroon Angels Network and cofounder and Vice-President of African Business Angels Network. Ms. Enonchong currently serves as a mentor/advisor to several technology startups.

She has featured on sites like worldbank.org ,ideasdevelopment.org ,ransbiz.com among others.
A recipient of numerous awards, Ms. Enonchong was named a Global Leader for Tomorrow (GLT) by the World Economic Forum of Davos, Switzerland. 

Forbes magazine listed Ms. Enonchong as a top female tech founder in Africa. 
NewAfrican magazine named her one of the most influential Africans in 2014, 2016 and 2017. 
Jeune Afrique magazine listed her as one of Africa's 50 most influential women of 2017 and as one of world’s most influential Africans in 2018 and 2019

She is one of the most influential  African when it comes to scIence ,technology and innovation. 
  If you are not following this great personality then do so  and get your mindset shaped.

2.Crescence Élodie 

Crescence Élodie Nonga is  tech Ecosytem manager (Active Spaces) and founder of snuggig.com.

She is Passionate about Community development through Digital entrepreneurship. Tech Entrepreneur and Founder of EN Group.

she has served for 3 years+  as Community Development Specialist for the Tech Hub and NGO called ACTIVSPACES.  She is  also the Founder of WETECH (Women in Entrepreneurship & Technology), a  training platform  that offers  opportunities and resources to women in Entrepreneurship and Technology.
She  is equally  the founder of  www.snuggig.com, a platform helping small businesses to attract and turn visitors into loyal customers.  More than 100 people trained through several initiatives, including AFRISTACK pan-African and regional programs (www.afristack.co) and AYADA Lab (www.ayadalab.com)  by Elodie. 
She equally blogs   her travel and Lifestyle journeys on her blog, Les Marches d'Elodie (lesmarchesdelodie.com)

If you are looking to step up your mindset. Then get to follow Elodie . 

3. Enstine Muki       

This is another interesting Cameroonian you need to follow. He is one of the first Cameroonians to have made a full time income on blogging and Affiliate Marketing. He is commonly referred to as the money making machine. He is not popular like those most of us  follow who share nice pics 😃😃😃😃😃. But if you think of stepping up the game in thinking then you should check this profile out. 

Enstine Muki is an online entrepreneur based in Douala Cameroon. He has been serving the online  community back in 20015. He creates website and applications to companies and individuals. He is an influencer at Warrior Forum Vault and founder of enstinemuki.com the money making blog. 

He is  PHP, developer , blogger and content producer. Below are some  of his  works:

  He has developed applications in the finance,social and wood sector that are being used in and out of Cameroon. 
Making money from home is possible in Cameroon and Enstine Muki can be your motivation.    

4. Otto Akama    

Website: afrohustler.com
Otto Akama is a community development specialist (Active Spaces). This is another dynamic and active Cameroonians when it comes to entrepreneurship. He is the founder and Editor in chief at from Afro Hustler. There are alot of controversies regarding this particular profile on the internet but lets focus on the positive end of it. 

He is one of those who have been promoting the Cameroon tech community based in Buea called ''Silicon Mountain'' 

''My job is to create respected thought leaders from African business and management professionals. I am looking for Africans who want to share deep experiences and intellectual perspectives about business'' Otto Akama. 

Otto Akama was the lead organizer and project manager of the Silicon Mountain Conference with first edition in 2015 which  was a room to expose youths to the tech ecosystem of Cameroon.

He has served as ;  school administrator at Kangaroo IT Academy, Web Designer at ZoomOps , community development officer at Active Spaces among others. 

He is currently the managing director of Makonjo Media and the editor in chief at afrohustler .

5 .Jovi

Website: newbellmusic.com
Jovi, is a Cameroonian rapper, songwriter, sound engineer, entrepreneur, and record producer. His official names are Ndukong Godlove Nfor. 
He is one of the few new generation musicians in Cameroon that has been consistent with his brand and genre (Mboko/rap)  with focus in giving Africa identity. 

He is among the few Cameroon artist to featured on international Hip Hop magazines like the fader and vibe. Jovi  has work  as a producer in partnership with renown record labels like quincy jones studios,Bomaye Muisc ,Konvict music among others.

He is  the artist that has broken linguistic and cultural barriers in Cameroon by promoting is genre mboko  as well as the culture mboko which represent Cameroonians without race,class or region. 

He is among the most stream African artiste on Apple as  he featured in the list of Most streamed artist in 2018 and lately as 2019 among  most streamed rapper on Spotify France. His work has led to a solid fan base that is referred to as the ''mbokogang'' of its kind in Cameroon . 

Jovi has  12  major music projects  ( 4 Albums and 8 EPs)  Discography Here
He is one the Cameroonians who have proven that you can make it in music here in Cameroon as he rejected many opportunities to fly and stay abroad.   Jovi equally owns a record label and produces artsit from far and near.

6. Roland Fomundam 

Website :
Roland Fomundam is a Cameroonian entrepreneur  and founder of the  Greenhouse Ventures
Green House Ventures is a company that promotes   development of organic farming with new technologies to provide lasting solutions to Africa's agricultural sector. 

He is a technology and business development expert. He specializes more on business intelligence,management consulting,process optimizations , platform establishment and others.
He has lectured in several universities in Cameroon, founded You Action Africa Inc, and currently founder of the Green House Ventures.

 He is making money in the agri sector which most people shy away from . Have you think of following your dreams but  feel the pressure of  being laughed at? Follow Roland. 
Joan Ngomba 

Website: http://decodedtv.com
 Joan Ngomba is a blogger , TV host and  Producer.
She has served a presenter at pulse TV in Lagos Nigeria (pulse.ng).She  created the fist Urban entertainment Tv show on Biscon World Television in Lagos, served a a celebrity editor at pules.ng, and  is  well known for her program Joan on sex on pulse Nigeria. She is currently the founder  of Decode TV one of the major online and TV entertainment platform in Cameroon.She has served  in Nigeria before coming back to Cameroon  to start her own proper platform decode Tv which is unique

''Dcodedtv.com is a platform to showcase Cameroon's entertainment and entertainers. From the biggest stories, unto the most exclusive interviews, to the biggest events and latest discoveries of our hottest spots/places, be sure to get 100% entertainment'' 

If you just want to be that person that speaks out his/her mind without fear, then follow Joan.

Thanks for your time. Your favorite might not be on this list.  But these re people who are real about themselves, outspoken and super focused. They all have  the opportunity to travel or stay and work in foreign countries but there are following their dreams by creating a brand/identify with their country name. 

Who do you think should be added to the list? Mention in the comment section and their activity 
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