While 96% of American consumers have made an online purchase within their lifetime, 80% of them made a purchase within the last month. This shows that eCommerce is booming, and more companies are joining the bandwagon. Big fish eCommerce companies like Amazon have thrived by creating their business around fast product delivery schedules and remarkable customer service. 

Other great examples are brands in the Fast Fashion industry, such as H&M and Zara, which have been a force to reckon with. If you own a small business, it would be easier to join the eCommerce industry than to ignore it. Other than offering you a competitive edge in your industry, it brings your business closer to the customer while also increasing your customer base. 

However, it is one thing to venture into eCommerce, and another to actually thrive at it. Success in the eCommerce world is reserved for businesses that can keep up with current trends as well as offer customer stellar products and services.

Here are a few trends you should be aware of:

Businesses Will Offer Subscription Services

Although it is still a novelty for most eCommerce businesses, the subscription-based business has turned out to be quite beneficial to them and customers. From the customer’s perspective, using a subscription service promises regular product and service delivery with an always-as-expected experience throughout their time with your business. Also, they can enjoy some convenience, personalization, and saving opportunities. 

As for your business, subscription-based service will offer massive benefits as long as you can consistently offer value. It can save your business resources, money, and even time. You can enjoy an improved forecasting experience leading to better inventory management, streamline transactions through schedules purchases, and even build customer loyalty through repeat customers. For a successful venture into subscription-based eCommerce, you should:

  • Invest in the right invoicing and accounting software to improve how you handle transactions - find out more on Taggun.io website
  • Set up a replenishment service to deliver services to your customers regularly
  • Set up an access service to allow customers to pay for access to your services
  • Set up a curation service to help with personalizing customer orders.

Social Commerce Will Become Bigger

The process of purchasing straight from social media platforms- social commerce- has been gaining traction in recent years. It will become even bigger in 2020. Among the leaders in social commerce is Instagram with their Instagram shopping and Checkout. While Instagram shopping directs consumers to the website of the eCommerce business, Checkout allows consumers to complete the entire process within the app. 

Social commerce is blurring the line between social media and eCommerce, and learning how to interact with your audience on social media is essential. You need to understand the platforms your target consumer will be on, the time they are most likely to make purchases, and how to use the features of the social platforms to improve the chances of sales. While focusing on improving your social media outreach program, it pays to improve the experience that your eCommerce website offers. Some of these platforms will lead customers to your website, and having a seamless experience is essential.

Content Repurposing Will Offer Brands A Competitive Advantage

The modern-day consumer is always looking for content on the products they are interested in. In fact, 82% of consumers will start their purchasing journey online. As long as you have quality content, the chances are that these customers will buy from you. Also, having consistently quality content will give your brand authority in your industry, making you earn the trust of customers.

However, creating quality content in a different format every time isn’t easy. Instead, eCommerce brands have been looking to repurpose their quality content, to offer customers the type of content they desire. For instance, a brand can start with an influencer making a video about a specific product. They can then repurpose the content into an infographic, a blog post, or even a podcast. Ideally, you aren’t copying the original content, just using it as a blueprint for other content formats.

Voice Search Is The New Normal

By 2017, about 35.6 million Americans were using voice-activated devices, according to eMarketer. The use of voice-assistant-based devices has been growing over the years, and 2020 will also see an increase in the number of users as well. Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Homepod, and Google’s Home have been among the pioneers in the voice search industry. 

With more customers using voice search to search for content online and make purchases, it has left eCommerce companies with no option than embracing voice-savvy customer experiences. The best way to join the smart home assistant market is by launching an Alexa Skill. Feel free to optimize your services accordingly to tap into this growing customer base.


Embracing the trends above is bound to open your business up to a diverse customer base. At the same time, it will give you a competitive advantage as you offer a more convenient experience for customers. Focus on these trends to grow with the rest of the eCommerce industry.

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