Truce community is another  money making opportunity that has pop up on the internet  assuring investors of making money on the internet with their mobile phones.  The platform claim to pay its users for chatting with friends.  In this post, we will get to discover what Truce Community is and what they can offer so far as earning online in Cameroon is concern and give our honest view about the business.

                                         What is Truce Community?

TRUCE Community (TC) is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company aimed at bringing together individuals and their financial resources to build and strengthen a community that is flawless of poverty. In this community, people are to make wealth just for the simple fact that they know others. TC is focused to take its investors from poverty to riches and its objective is to do this as one person (a community). An agreement between the company (TRUCE Community) and the community (investors) to eradicate the common enemy (poverty).
Truce will be adding to Momo Pays MLM, jonal pay MLM and other MLM businesses in Cameroon

Mr Cyprian added that , Truce community is a gift to this country. It focuses on the community/it investors rather on itself. It has been built to completely mitigate joblessness and put smiles on the faces of it's investors. It's so special because it originates from here/Cameroon unlike others. I think it's time to show the world that Cameroonians in particular and Africans as a whole can be inventive and self reliance  [1]

In all we can say Truce community is a social media that claims to pay its users for interacting with each other. 

Payment Proof 
unfortunately we have not seen any payment proof (screen shots of transaction earning and duration)  with figures however, i was fortunate to get a testimony from this post.

What Product Does Truce Community Has?
 One of the recommendations is that the MLM company should have a product. At the moment  have not seen any product offered by this company.

So how do they make money?
Most websites like this will always say they make money from ads. But what are the companies advertising on this site?

                                      Truce Community Website
This MLM company  has a website as every serious business will do. The domain name is

When you visit this website you have no other info apart from the login page.
This makes it looks credible as it ensures users are sent to the site by someone who probably should have a referral code. The website  inter phase upon login is like most online earning mlm platforms.

On the other hand it raise red flags s new members will only believe in the information given to them by the promoter.

However , we saw a support system which we have contacted and will update you on their response time once they do. Support is one of the key factor in any business and MLM in particular.

Company Information
We git information that Truce Community is a Cameroon company. However, we have no information about the team  behind this company.We have not seen any information like the contact , location or phone number about this company.  This raise some red flags when it comes to putting money in such a business or relying on such a business for earning online.

Online Presence of Truce Community
The online presence of this business is very low. so far the business has one social media account (Facebook ) and a website .

 Can Truce Community Makes Your Rich?

For the fact that these companies got no products, it is not a company you can rely on for financial freedom.  It is a  new company in the market and investors have to be aware of that. If you consider investing in this community, take it as a site hustle and put in mind that you might not even earn from it.  Thus TRUCE Community cannot make you rich.
We have seen companies like Global ALL  shares with similar claims but it all ended like any other ponzi scheme.

How to Join Truce Community
To join this mlm business you need t be contacted by a member who will help you get registered.

That was it so far about the latest online business hitting the Cameroon online community and hope you enjoyed our honest review about the business. Its left for you to make the decision as we are not financial advisers.

Anyone who  is a member or has earn with this business should provide us with more information or proof of earnings at
Will you join Truce Community?
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