Multi level marketing has created billionaires like Jeff Roberti,Juha parhiala,Lamia Battaieb ,Donald Trump, among other . Network marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money without a product. All you need is a good recruiting technique. Many people around the world had been made miserable because they faild in a multilevel marketing program .

In this post, we are going to see some reason why people fail to make money in multi-lvele marketing programs.
     It is some thing that is supported by renown people in the world. Let us look at what these four people have said about network marketing.

Bill Clinton:

 Network marketing has created more millionaires in America than any other industry.


Donald Trump

If i lost everything and had to start again, i would find myself a great network marketing program. 


Robert Kiyosaki

Network marketing is the perfect business for the average person to create wealth.


Paul Zane

From 2006-2016, there will be 10 million new millionaires in the united states alone. Many will come from direct selling and network marketing.


so why are you not making money with multilevel marketing? 


  This is the number one reason why many people dont make money with most MLM programs. Many people join  the so called ''make money quick programs'' thinking money will come overnight. After some time, nothing will come and that will be the end for you. You need to do an MLM like real business. Invest time, money and build networks.If you can beat laziness then you are not far from earning in any network marketing program.

                             Poor methods of Promotion

   When you register into any multi-level marketing program, you need to get answers to these questions fast.
1. How do i promote
2. who are those i should promote to?
    Think of where to promote.  Emails, phone numbers, facebook, linked,twitter and others
 You have to equally know the type of people you are promoting. This will help you to know which type of words to use in your campaigns.
    Some readers dont like too much details while other like more details.  Do not stick to one. Use the different methods and your business will rock.


                                                Promoting Links

  After joining any program , what we commonly do is get our referal links and start sharing. Thats a big failure. Instead what you have to do is, study the program well. Study as if you want to deliver lectures to Harvard students. Then talk to people about it. They will ask you how they can get it. It is only then that you can send your referal link.

In some cases, you need to explain what the business is all baout and put your link at the end for the readers to join your network. You will get  leads if you promote the business than the links.

                                                       Ponzi Schemes
 Many people fall into the hands of the ''bad guys'' hoping they will make money. Some business take money from people  and go away.  If you have joined any of these programs then , that is just the reason why you  cannot make money with network marketing. You are thus required to do a proper research before joining any MLM program.  There are thousands of scam websites online.
To verify an MLM program, do th following before joining.
 i. read reviews
ii. check  the name of the founder
iii. Check business location.
iv.  testimonials if any exist.
v. The product or service offered by the company.

Thank you for reading.I hope this will help you in making some cash with network marketing. The internet today is a place fr opportunities not just a place for fun. Get invlove and testify for your self.

 This is an opportunity for Cameroonians :

what had been your major challenge with network marketing?

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  1. There are a few things you can do. First off, you could start with simple things, such as paid surveys. These surveys pay about five to ten dollars per survey you take. Earn money online

  2. Do not let anyone pressure you into making decisions about money or investments — always get independent financial advice
    Be wary of schemes or products that claim a guaranteed income
    Consider whether the rewards you have been promised are dependent on product sales. If so, are the products of real value, sold at a reasonable price and something that there is actually consumer demand for?
    Remember that family members and friends may try to involve you in a pyramid scheme without realising that it is one
    It is against the law not only to promote a pyramid scheme, but to participate in one


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