You might have heard of MLM  as a method of making money online. Many Cameroonians exploiting the internet for making money online opportunities will always land into a program that will require you to  bring in someone in order to have cash.  This is network marketing in simple terms.  In my last post we saw,

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  To make things clearer, i have pointed out eight things you should know before getting into any multi-level marketing program.

             #1.The meaning of  MLM 
MLM means Multi-level marketing. It is a way to make money by referring others to a business.
Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a purported income opportunity, in which prospects are typically recruited with exaggerated product and income claims into a company-sponsored network of endless chains of participants, and incentivized to buy products in order to qualify for commissions and to advance upward in a pyramid of multiple levels of participants.(Taylor).

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a  kind of pyramid scheme where you earn money not only on your sales but on  the sales of the people you recruit under you, and the people they  recruit who are essentially under you

 Hope this is enough.

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                     #2.   MLM is Business
 This is business. This means you need to invest in order to make profits. It is not something that you will join and make money like a miracle. You need to put in time, efforts, money and others just like any business man .Dont be a lazy Cameroonian. we hustle guys. get online and do real business. if your choice is a network marketing program then do it right. 
        #3. You must recruit to be successful in any MLM
  The success of any network marketer lies in his ability to recruit. The more people you recruit the better for you. Since more leads means more conversions, you have to double your efforts in getting leads. use forums, social media, auto responders, websites and other to generate leads.  If you have a website or a domain name, then consider developing a recruiting page.

                 #4.   You Need Promotional Tools
Don’t join an MLM  when you cannot promote. As i said, you cannot make money if you can’t recruit.
-Get an auto responder for email promotions
-Bulk whatsapp software  for whatsapp promotions
- Sotware to post on Facebook and more.
   If you want to do something extra then consider get a blog, a landing page and een do some paid promotions on facebook ,google adwords and more. 

                              #5. MLM involves Risk
  There is risk in any business and network markeing is not exempted. Do no think you will make money all the time. Also think you can loss money. I know we have to be positive. To remain positive you must have an idea of what the negative site looks like. 
if you are aware that joining an MLM program involves risk then you will not cry if things go the other way. Hope am saying something !!

                      #6.  Make money Online without a product or Service

If you have no skills or product to market online, then you are left with no choice. The only way for you to make money online  fast is by joining an MLM program. 
You need to know how to convince people to join the business. You need to know how to promote your business and above all divine intervention.  Some people can make great success just with a single sign up. To all those in Cameroon who had been saying we got nothing to market.

    #7 Some MLM programs are Scams

 Not all MLM programs will make you rich. Some will just make you live miserable. Bear that in mind. Don’t be carried away by word like 

 ''Make a six figure income in one week’’

'' Do you want financial freedom’’?

 ''Making money trick exposed’’

'' Make millions tonight ''
and more .
         #8 Who are those doing it?
When joining  any network marketing program .Do your best to know the people behind the business. Know what they’ve been doing, their profile, company location and other. 
Dude! you need some FBI skills to verify MLM programs.

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  My Nigerian friends usually say '' Shine you Eye''
Do not be left out. Make use of the opportunities. Make money online, come back and tell me how you did it.


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