Online brokering has been made it easy for everyone with enough money to become a broker. Online brokers either trade Forex or binary options.   To those who had downloaded my e-book   ‘’Your  online Marketing Guide’’ you must have read many pages on online brokering.  In this post, I will share with you some of the reasons newbie should not adventure into binary trading.

Before getting into this what is binary trading?
According to this top binary trading site Banc De Binary ; Binary options  is a new investment venture that anyone can use to easily profit from the price movement of a wide range of dynamic stocks,  indices, currency pairs and commodities. Traders just have to predict whether a currency or commodity will increase on decrease in worth. If the prediction is true, you get high payouts (more than 80 percent profits) based on your investments. Over the past years binary options had become popular than FOREX trading because of the high payouts they offer to traders.

1.          Trading binary is doing Business in the Dark
   I am into educating you on how to make residual income. So encouraging you to bet is just making you lazy or making your life miserable.   Why business in the dark?
When you join a binary site the thing you get most is how to invest and how much you will make. Usually you will see make up to   85 percent of your investment.  Newbies usually get moved when they see figures doubling.  Most traders need to be equipped with trading tools to help traders trade better. This is lacking in most sites trading binary. The big traders know where to get such charts to use. As a newbie, you will just be observing and clicking which makes it terrible.
2.          Meeting Dishonest Brokers: As some someone who wants to make residual income, it is frustrating when you put money in the hands of the wrong person. Since you don’t know how stock varies, some plat forms will manipulate their software to give you results opposite to your predictions. Some binary trading plat forms charge you when you deposit, charge you when you withdraw or even make the withdrawal process difficult such that you will earn up abandoning your earnings.
3.       You need more education than you think: Many people get into binary options thinking it is simply as it is presented. There is a trading psychology you need to develop before   getting started. To do this you need to meet some big names in the trading industry, read books, practice, watch videos how to use charts among others. It is not get 95 percent pay out as you think. You need to learn the tricks, the ups and the downs of the game before getting in. If you just dive into it, you might end up testifying losses.

4.       No way to get back what you have lost Binary option is a computer based brokering where you only predict. You cannot purchase any stocks or currencies which you can sell to part of your investment if stocks are down.
      You lose all when you prediction is wrong and gain big when your prediction is correct.

5.  Binary option as Gambling
      Binary trading is not a real business because you make money based on   chance. I don’t encourage anyone to engage in gambling if you want to start a business online and earn money
Most binary options sites are gambling site where you place bets on anything you want. It varies depending on the site. Some sites offer you large discounts to get you started.
This does not mean you cannot make money. My point is you cannot be sure money will always come from this source.

6.       A Business that works with Emotions:   As a newbie, you might get into binary trading because you read a post that mentioned the words high pay out. This is not a business for you.  You will find it hard and frustrating when you cannot get this pay out often your first investment which might be you all. Being in a state of emotional instability will affect your trading life and your business. The feeling of losing money is very different.  Make sure you are ready to give away some cash if at some point you consider trading binary options.
                       7.       According to an article by Mike Evan   on, there is negative sum when it comes to binary trading.   Mike illustrated with a case where you sign up for a binary contract with 80 percent payout.
This mean you will gain 8 dollars if your prediction is correct plus the 10 dollars you invested making 18dollars.    But when you prediction is wrong you will lose all the 10 dollars you invested. We can do some simple math here
       Profit-loss=8-10=-2 dollars                                                                                                       
 This means if in the first prediction you won 8 dollars and in the second win overall you have loss 2dollars from your initial investment which should not be the case. This makes your risk more than your reward. How will it look like to adventure into a business where losses are more than profits? 
Binary trading is simple. This should not make think is easy to go by and make cash because simple does not really mean easy.
Before saying good bye, I will like to you to get an idea of what Forex trading is. Most newbies still think it is the same with binary trading. 

Forex (foreign exchange) markets or plat forms are markets where that are opened 24/7 for the buy and selling of currencies .It is different from the stock market where commodities and others are exchanged.  Forex systems  are thus Simple with a narrow focus compared to binary options Here trading is more variable with the trader being able to control his risk, losses among others, Overall we see that Forex does not have a variety of products compared to binary options . This gives the business more feasibility than binary options. 

Making money online require you to keep focus with a clear action plan to make thousands, million and even billions  of dollars depending on your objectives. It is important to understand every business you want to get into especially the risk aspect. I believe this write up will reshape the thought of those still new with online marketing as well as clarify the doubts of existing online marketers. Never be in a rush. If you are new into online marketing, I recommend you take about 6 months to understand what binary options is all about before getting in to it if you are interested.

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  2. It's really true binary trading is gambling while is different from Forex trading. Thanks for ur details here

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